The Best Road Trips in Georgia

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  • Covered bridges tour
  • Barrier Islands
  • Cloudland Canyon and Northeast Georgia Mountains
  • Georgia BBQ Trail
  • Ghost Tours
  • Walking Dead tour
  • Scenic Byways
  • Roadside assistance
  • Cheap car insurance
Georgia is an incredibly beautiful state, with a rich tapestry of natural and manmade landmarks. The Peach State is overflowing with historical sites, foodie havens, pop culture meccas, and so much more.
From the coastal views of Georgia’s barrier islands to the breathtaking scenery from atop the Northeast Georgia Mountains, this is a state every road trip aficionado needs to plan a visit to.
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Keep reading to learn about the best road trips in Georgia!
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Covered bridges tour

Most conversations about the best road trip destinations in Georgia will begin in the same spot. Well, 14 spots, if we’re going to get technical. Georgia’s bucolic, fabled covered bridges have drawn in sightseers for more than a century, and while you can’t drive across most of them, they’re still worth a trip.

Why you should go

The covered bridges in Georgia are steeped in fascinating history. The Peach State was once home to over 250 covered bridges, which served as inspiration for similar structures all over the United States. In the past, robbers used to hide out in their rafters and pounce on unsuspecting travelers.
Many of these bridges have deep ties into American history and folklore.

What you should do

The fourteen covered bridges in Georgia can be visited in whichever order suits your travel plans. You may want to take some time to examine a map and plot a course based on your other travel plans.
Here’s a list of Georgia’s covered bridges in alphabetical order to help with your planning.
  • Auchumpkee Creek, Thomaston, GA
  • Coheelee Creek, Hilton, GA
  • The Concord Bridge, Smyrna, GA
  • Cromer’s Mill, Carnesville, GA
  • Elder Mill, Watkinsville, GA
  • Euharlee, Cartersville, GA
  • Haralson Mill, Conyers, GA
  • Howard’s Bridge, Oglethorpe County, GA
  • Parrish Mill in the George L. Smith State Park
  • Poole’s Mill, Ball Ground, GA
  • Red Oak Creek, Woodbury, GA
  • Washington W. King Bridge, Stone Mountain, GA
  • Stovall Mill Bridge, Sautee Nacoochee, GA
  • Watson Mill, Comer, GA
Dark wooden covered bridge in Auchumpkee Creek, Georgia
Auchumpkee Creek covered bridge, Georgia

The Barrier Islands

In Georgia, good things apparently come in sets of 14. Georgia’s coastline is dotted with 14 gorgeous barrier islands, which protect the state’s mainland from storm surges and hurricanes. Most of them are used as wildlife reserves, while others are used for recreation.

Why you should go

If you’re into photography, the barrier islands of Georgia will be difficult to leave. Also, we think that Coastal Highway 17 is one of those roadways that every road trip lover needs to see at least once. You’ll also find some great beaches along Georgia’s coast that aren’t terribly crowded, too.

What you should do

Some of Georgia’s barrier islands are excellent vacation spots. Tybee Island, Sea Island, St. Simons Island, and Jekyll Island feature great beaches.
Cumberland Island has excellent camping spots, and is home to the beautiful Little Cumberland Island Lighthouse and Dungeness Ruins, where an old mansion once stood.
Be sure to drive Georgia’s scenic Coastal Highway 17 and stop off at Sapelo Island to get a photo with the town’s classic lighthouse.
![A girl walks along a white sand beach with clear ocean water on Tybee Island]( island.jpg “Tybee Island”) Tybee Island, Georgia

Cloudland Canyon and the Northeast Georgia Mountains

Georgia is popular among road trip lovers for its scenic routes, so charting a path from Cloudland Canyon to the Northeast Georgia Mountains will be lots of fun. This route takes you through Georgia’s beautiful north country, from a grand scenic park to peaceful, majestic mountain ranges.

Why you should go

Cloudland Canyon State Park, the Chattahoochee National Forest, the Black Rock Mountains, and Tallulah Gorge are some of Georgia’s prettiest national landmarks. So why not go on an epic road trip and see all four?

What you should do

Start in Cloudland Canyon State Park and make your way to Blue Ridge. From there, you’ll take highway 76 to Clayton, where you’ll visit the Northeast Georgia Mountains. Next, you’ll turn onto highway 23 and head to Tallulah Gorge State Park.
This 180-mile round trip tour will take around four hours to drive, not counting stops for food and sightseeing.
There are lots of scenic areas along the way you can experience too, most notably the Cohutta-Chattahoochee scenic byway.
A waterfall hidden in the forest with a deep blue pond beneath in Cloudland Canyon, Georgia
Cloudland Canyon, Georgia
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The Georgia BBQ Trail

Yes, you can technically get in and out of Georgia without eating any BBQ, but why on earth would you want to? Georgia’s famous barbeque will weaken the knees of any true foodie, so if BBQ is your thing, be sure to visit the famous Georgia BBQ Trail.

Why you should go

We’re not quite sure where the best BBQ in the world is, but if that competition were held in a video game, the Georgia BBQ Trail would be home to most of the final bosses.
Georgia is known internationally for its classic BBQ shacks. Many of these unassuming establishments resemble homes or gas stations—you might even pass one of Georgia’s best BBQ shacks thinking it’s a hardware store! It’s this dash of charm that makes the Georgia BBQ trail a genuine Georgia experience.

What you should do

Plotting out the perfect Georgia BBQ Trail is something you may want to do while visiting other sites. There’s no exact BBQ Trail, so much as a lengthy list of fantastic BBQ restaurants that are worth a visit.
We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most highly recommended barbeque restaurants in Georgia. They’re listed here alphabetically. We know better than to try and rank them by quality (we don’t want to have to hide under a covered bridge)!
  • The Bar-B-Q Shack, Eastanollee, GA
  • Crowe’s BBQ, Madison, GA
  • Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Atlanta, GA
  • Fincher’s Bar-B-Q, Macon, GA
  • Joe’s BBQ, McCaysville, GA
  • Lew’s BBQ, Twin City, GA
  • Lovie’s BBQ, Atlanta, GA
  • Mickey Pigg’s BBQ, Alto, GA
  • Moonie’s Texas BBQ, Flowery Branch, GA
  • Pig Skins BBQ, Danielsville, GA
  • Smitty’s Family Restaurant, Carnesville, GA
  • Smokey’s BBQ and Fixins, Savannah, GA
  • Southern Soul Barbecue, St. Simons Island, GA
  • Vanna’s Country BBQ, Royston, GA
  • Wood’s Chapel BBQ, Atlanta, GA
A green grass park and multiple skyscrapers in the background in downtown Atlanta

Ghost tours

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, you probably already know that Georgia is arguably the most haunted state in the country. You can find ghost tours in nearly every town and city in Georgia, and with famous ghosts like Mary the Wanderer roaming at night, it’s a good idea to check the batteries in that flashlight you keep in your glove box.

Why you should go

Georgia’s ties with the supernatural run so deep that some paranormal lovers have literally moved there. Even a dedicated two-week vacation to see these ghostly locales wouldn’t give you enough time to see it all. But if you’re not too afraid, why not add a few of these stops to your itinerary?

What you should do

Savannah, Georgia has earned the title of the most haunted city in America. Try booking a stay at the Hamilton-Turner Inn and the 1790 Inn. Or see if you can find the famous Lady in White at the Moon River Brewing Company.
And see if you can leave the Kehoe House without a few goosebumps.
Another famously haunted location is the unassuming small town of Euharlee. The Euharlee Covered Bridge is widely believed, if not known, to be haunted. The town even once poured sand on the bridge and blocked off both ends with guards overnight to see if they could prove the haunting.
They discovered footprints and hoof prints in the sand the next morning. Creepy!
The Tilley Mill is perhaps the scariest haunted locale in Georgia. People say they have experienced a white cloth put over their faces when no one is around. They say it’s the ghost of a woman named Leddy Rogers, who only does this to men who visit her grave.
Additionally, Georgia is blanketed in ghost tours. Savannah, Macon, Marietta, Covington, Dalton, Milledgeville, Decatur, Lawrenceville, Roswell, St. Simons … the list of cities and towns with haunted tours is virtually endless.
Ghost tours are a wonderful way to do some sightseeing at night!
An aged arch welcomes you into Wormsloe, Savannah
Wormsloe park, Savannah, Georgia

The Walking Dead tour

Speaking spooky things, The Walking Dead is filmed mostly in Georgia. So for a superfan of the popular AMC show, a tour of Walking Dead filming locations will be incredible.

Why you should go

The fictional town of Alexandria is actually filmed in the very real town of Senoia, Georgia, which has since become a popular destination for The Walking Dead fans. The town’s streets are lined with stars marking filming locations, and a whole cottage industry has sprung up around the town’s critical link to the show.

What you should do

Be sure to visit Nic & Norman’s, a diner co-owned by Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and producer Greg Nicotero, for a great meal. And don’t worry … people aren’t on the menu.
You’ll also want to stop by the Woodbury Shoppe, the ultimate Walking Dead superstore.
Atlanta has lots of awesome film tours, too. Atlanta Movie Tours will take you to go see the filming locations for not just The Walking Dead, but lots of other cool movies and TV shows, including Gone with the Wind, Captain America, and The Hunger Games.
Red letters spell out AWAY WITH YOU on a brick wall in Senoia, where The Walking Dead was filmed.
Walking Dead art in Senoia, Georgia
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Scenic Byways

For those who love to cruise on their road trips, these Scenic Byways are a must-see. Georgia has some truly splendid roadways that are so beautiful you’d be hard-pressed to get bored in the car,

Why you should go

Georgia’s Scenic Byways are a little off the beaten path, as they mostly avoid interstates and instead favor colorful highways and backroads that are fun to drive (and look at).

What you should do

Georgia has lots of Scenic Byways, but there are five you should go out of your way to visit. These include the Meriwether-Pike, Enduring Farmlands, Cohutta-Chattahoochee, Russell-Brasstown, and Millen-Jenkins County.
If you’re trying to see as much as you can in a single Georgia road trip, try to plot a course that reaches all five of these byways. You can then find some additional tourist destinations that interest you from this article and add stops here and there as you go!
A field of cotton ready for harvest along a backcountry road in Georgia
Cotton field in backcountry Georgia

Stay peachy with great roadside assistance

Georgia is a spectacular state to explore by car. From beautiful beaches to bucolic mountain views, the Peach State has something for everyone. And enjoying some yummy BBQ while looking over your shoulder for ghosts rounds out the classic Georgia experience.
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