11 Best Creepy Audiobooks for Fall Road Trips

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Love a good scary story? Here are some of the best creepy audiobooks for fall road trips to download before you hit the road!
Whether you’re taking a road trip to a Halloween party or you’re just a horror enthusiast, Jerry is here to help you set the mood with some of the most spine-tingling audiobooks out there. Ranging from classic tales to recent publications, these titles will help pass the time and keep you entertained for hours.
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My Heart Is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones; read by Cara Gee

My Heart Is a Chainsaw
My Heart Is a Chainsaw
Length: 12 hours, 25 minutes
In the follow-up to the critically acclaimed The Only Good Indians, Stephen Graham Jones’s latest novel is social criticism mixed with literary character study dressed up like a good-old fashioned slasher.
Main character, Jade Daniels, is an outcast from a broken home in a small, quickly gentrifying town. Horror movies are her biggest source of comfort—and power—as she becomes part of a familiar horrific tale herself. Jade arms herself with her knowledge of the genre as the body count starts rising around her.
For a bloody story with genuine heart that also explores some of the darker themes of America’s past (and present), check out this killer book from one of the true masters of the genre.

Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix; read by Adrienne King

Final Girl Support Group book cover
Final Girl Support Group
Length: 13 hours, 49 minutes
Here’s another book with a cheeky, self-aware take on common horror genre tropes.
If you’re unfamiliar with the “final girl” concept, it refers to a character who appears in almost every classic horror movie in which a bad guy kills almost every member of the movie’s teenage cast. (Think Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc.)
In many of these movies, one of the last survivors at the end is a single, smart girl who barely avoided the kinds of gruesome deaths her friends suffered.
Grady Hendrix’s brutal and bitingly funny novel imagines what happens to all these “final girls” after their movies end and their lives go on afterward. If you like satire and humor mixed in with your horror, give this one a listen.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson; read by Bernadette Dunne

The Haunting of Hill House book cover
The Haunting of Hill House
Length: 7 hours, 27 minutes
This mid-century classic may be better known in some circles as the wildly popular mini-series by the same name, or its follow-up series The Haunting of Bly Manor (based on a totally different book).
One of the key features of The Haunting of Hill House is how author Shirley Jackson opts to avoid easy scare tactics and instead develops a sense of unease and dread in the reader.
Jackson’s story gets you invested in the lives and traumas of the characters and sets the scene in a spooky manor. This book gives you all the frightful atmosphere of a ghost story without all the cheesy jump-scares you get from a movie.
And at around seven and a half hours, you could knock this iconic, award-winning novel out in under a full day’s drive!
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The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass; read by Kevin R. Free and Michael Crouch

The Taking of Jake Livingston book cover
The Taking of Jake Livingston
Length: 7 hours, 30 minutes
The only YA novel on this list, The Taking of Jake Livingston also brings plenty to think about for adult readers, too.
Teenager Jake Livingston is a medium who sees ghosts relive their final moments over and over and sets out to help them pass along to the next life.
Added to that stress is the emotional toll of dealing with the constant prejudices he goes through in his own life as one of the lone students of color at a private high school. When a new student shows up suddenly, everything changes.
Whether you’re traveling with a teenager or just want a quick book blending today’s social issues into a truly scary story, look no further than Ryan Douglass’s instant best-seller.

Dracula by Bram Stoker; read by Peter Silverleaf

Dracula book cover
Length: 16 hours, 50 minutes
Count Dracula is one of the most popular characters in all of horror. So popular, in fact, that he sparked an entire subgenre that is still thriving well over a century after Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel was published.
Dracula is set up as a series of letters, diary entries, and news reports, so a lot of what makes the novel scary is in the description rather than the action. It’s a slow-moving story that makes you fill in the horror instead of throwing a bunch of blood and guts at you.
The audiobook format is even more interesting for a book that takes place largely in letters between lovers. If you’re able to focus on a subtler story, with less action than many of the other options on this list, Dracula is a classic every fan of the genre should read (or, in this case, listen to).

The Shining by Stephen King; read by Campbell Scott

The Shining book cover
The Shining
Length: 15 hours, 50 minutes
No scary book list is complete without the King of horror lit, and this is one of his best.
If you’re a fan of the genre in general, chances are, you’ve seen the movie. And while Kubric’s masterpiece is a terrifying viewing experience, it can’t bring the same kind of slow-building dread that King delivers in a several-hundred-page novel.
Buckle up for a long ride as you follow a struggling writer’s slow descent into insanity. And if your road trip takes you through northern Colorado, you can even check out “The Stanley” hotel in Estes Park, where the film was shot!
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Nothing But Blackened Teeth by Cassandra Khaw; read by Suehyla El-Attar

Nothing But Blackened Teeth book cover
Nothing But Blackened Teeth
Length: 2 hours, 32 minutes
Want a quick hit for a short trip? Check out this beautifully written, super spooky indie novella by a video game script writer Cassandra Khaw.
Set in a big, creepy estate built in Japan’s Heian period, a group of friends run into the ghost of a devastated bride. As the terror builds, the friends’ relationships get tested as they become equally haunted by their own past mistakes.
At about two and a half hours, this is the perfect audiobook for a shorter trip or for breaking up a long one. Nothing But Blackened Teeth is a fresh take on the haunted house trope.
Pro Tip Even if you’re going on a long road trip, try mixing in a few shorter audiobooks with one or two long ones.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman; read by Neil Gaiman

Coraline book cover
Length: 3 hours, 35 minutes
Don’t be fooled—although this book is technically for children, it’s definitely one of the creepiest contenders on this list.
If you decide to cue it up on your next road trip, prepare yourself for served hands that move like spiders, a family of imposters, and a rat circus.
Another book that gained popularity as a movie, Coraline tells the story of a girl who becomes bored after a cross-country move and discovers a secret door in her new house that leads to a much more entertaining mirror reality.
… But the fun and games quickly come to a terrifying halt as her “Other Mother” starts to grow attached to Coraline.
Running around three and a half hours and read by Gaiman himself, this kid-friendly YA novel is perfect for a Halloween-themed family road trip.
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Zone One by Colson Whitehead; read by Beresford Bennett

Zone One book cover
Zone One
Length: 9 hours, 57 minutes
Recent fans of Colson Whitehead may be surprised to learn that this two-time Pulitzer-prize-winning author wrote a zombie novel in 2011.
Zone One is set in a future after the zombie apocalypse has already wrecked the world. On the surface, it’s a pretty standard set-up: flesh-eating zombies transfer their highly contagious zombie disease to their victims.
But the storytelling in this imagined New York City as survivors attempt to build the city back up will keep you invested in protagonist Mark Spitz’s past even as you wait anxiously for the next zombie attack.
If you like zombies and well-written literature, give Zone One a listen.

Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo; read by Will Damron

Summer Sons book cover
Summer Sons book cover
Length: 12 hours, 38 minutes
Debut author Lee Mandelo’s Summer Sons is a modern Appalachian tale about love, grief, secrets, and, of course, ghosts.
Main character Andrew leaves hometown to get a master’s degree from the prestigious Vanderbilt University, and when his best friend Eddie mysteriously dies, he spirals into a search for the truth behind his apparent suicide. As Andrew runs from his own heartbreak, he bites off more than he can chew as he learns more about Eddie’s family.
Fans of mystery, suspense, and anything southern gothic should check out this adult-friendly novel on audiobook.

Creatures of Passage by Morowa Yejidé; read by Morowa Yejidé

Creatures of Passage book cover
Creatures of Passage
Length: 10 hours, 4 minutes
Morowa Yejidé follows up her critically acclaimed novel Time of the Locust with a dark, harrowing ghost story set in 1970s Washington, DC.
Following the murder of her twin brother Osiris, taxi driver Nephthys Kinwell does everything she can to bury her grief. When her young great-nephew Dash starts hanging around the river where Osiris’s body was dumped, things start getting weird.
Nephthys’s story spirals into a grim tale of loss and redemption. For a complex murder/mystery/ghost story hybrid at a fairly brief 10-hour run time, give The Creatures of Passage audiobook a download.
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