7 Must-Have Garden Tools

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Green thumb or not, there are certain tools that can help any gardener on their way to a bountiful harvest or an envious flower bed. From weeding lawns to pruning plants and edging beds, the right tools make even the most mundane tasks a bit easier to manage.
You don’t have to spend a lot on garden tools, but you do need to know which ones to buy. Our guide below offers a list of the seven most useful garden tools that every gardener should have in his or her arsenal, even if you hire a professional to help you keep your garden in order.


From snipping stems to deadheading flowers, a pair of pruners is an essential item for every gardener. Choose the perfect pair based on the cutting range that fits your needs. Smaller pruners cut stems or twigs up to ½ inch, while larger heavier pairs can handle up to ¾ inch.


For small branches and things too big to cut with pruners, loppers are the next go-to tool. Loppers are larger than pruners with bigger blades and greater leverage. Loppers come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

A sturdy digging shovel

A good digging shovel boasts a rounded blade and an ergonomic grip to make movement easier. Shovels are a vital garden tool for planting and moving soil. Look for an option like this one from Fiskars with a wide foot platform for pushing the shovel into tough soil and a sharpened blade to make maneuvering easier.

A garden rake

A garden rake varies from a standard leaf rake because of the steel or metal tines and heavier construction. This type of rake is essential for cultivating soil, leveling areas of your yard, and spreading mulch. When purchasing a garden rake, look for the overall length compared to your height. A shorter rake for a taller person could lead to some back pain from constantly bending over.

A garden hose and sprayer

The most convenient way to water your flowers and plants is with a standard garden hose. With proper care, a garden hose can last for decades, making it an easy investment for any gardener. A sprayer attachment can make watering easier, particularly to adjust the water flow for different tasks.
Take proper care of your hose by investing in a hose hook or hanger to keep it protected when not in use.

A wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows save time and energy when transporting items around your yard or garden. Basic models get the job done for simple, light tasks, but consider a steel bin version if you are working with heavier loads.

A Hori Hori garden knife

This multi-purpose tool can be used for tons of gardening tasks from planting and weeding to measuring and cutting. It’s a must-have for any gardener because of its versatility and ease of use. This model by Vivero also comes with a handy sheath and gloves.
These tools help with the tough gardening tasks so there’s more time to enjoy the beauty of your favorite hobby. If you’re tackling more specialized tasks like aerating a lawn, you might need to add to your tool collection, but novice gardeners and seasoned experts alike will benefit from these essential gardening tools.

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