My Toyota Camry won’t start, and there’s no click?

My older Toyota Camry isn’t starting, even though it was fine yesterday. I don’t know much about cars outside of how to drive them. I’m going to call my roadside assistance and get a tow to my mechanic, but could you tell me first why my Toyota Camry won’t start? There’s no click happening when I turn the key.

Matt Terzi · Answered on Dec 08, 2022
Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
There’s little as frustrating as your car refusing to start, especially when everything seems to be working properly. It’s difficult to diagnose this problem accurately without seeing your Toyota Camry in person, but we can list the usual suspects for you.
The more common problems that can result in your Toyota Camry not starting with no click sound happening, most of which are electrical include:
  • Battery issues are the most common problems here, and the best place to start. Dead batteries or corroded battery terminals will prevent your Camry from starting. You may want to try getting a jumpstart before shelling out money for a tow.
  • Blown fuses and relays are perhaps the least-frustrating issues on this list, because they’re inexpensive to replace and you can fix this problem yourself at home with no experience.
  • If your car has a blown starter, starter solenoid, or even a key FOB issue (in newer Camrys), the engine won’t turn over and you won’t hear a click when you try. These will be high on the list of things a mechanic will check.
  • A dead ignition switch might also be the culprit. It’s arguably less common than the issues we listed prior, but it has been known to happen.
  • Alternator or serpentine belt issues can also prevent the car from starting, and you may or may not get a click when you turn it over.
  • Any wiring issues can wreak havoc on your car and prevent it from starting. Damaged or shorted wires or problems with wiring harnesses will mess with the electrical flow in your engine and can prevent the car from starting.
  • Though not associated with lacking ignition click, blown fuel pumps and clogged fuel filters prevent cars from starting up and most mechanics will look at these as potential issues too.
As we mentioned earlier, there are other issues not on our list here that might prevent your car from starting. But in most cases, one of these problems will likely be the issue, with battery and starter problems leading the pack. We hope this helps and you can get your Camry back on the road soon!
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