How to Remote Start Your Toyota Camry

You can use your Toyota Camry’s remote start by pressing and releasing the lock button within two seconds, then holding the lock button for three seconds.
Written by Mariza Morin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
To remote start your
Toyota Camry
, just press and release the LOCK button on your key fob within two seconds. Then, press and hold the LOCK button for another three seconds and your engine will start after your turn signals flash multiple times. 
Since 2010, Toyota has made life for drivers so much simpler with the introduction of the remote start feature. That’s right—you no longer have to bundle up on frigid days just to start your car early!
So, how does Toyota’s remote start work?
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How to remote start your Toyota Camry

In order for Camry’s remote start to work, you should be within 80 feet of your vehicle. Then, all you have to do is just follow these steps to start your Camry:

Starting the car

  • Press and release the LOCK button within two secondson your key fob.
  • Then press and hold the LOCK button for another three seconds. 
  • After the turn signal lights flash several times—voila! The engine is now turned on.  

Starting the car with Remote Connect

If your Camry came with Remote Connect, you can remotely start your engine through your mobile device. Here’s how Remote Connect works through your Apple or Android device:
  • First, download the Toyota app to your mobile device.
  • When Toyota’s driver login screen appears, sign in or create a new account.
  • Add your Camry to your profile on the Toyota app and activate Remote Services by following the instructions on your screen.
  • Press and hold the Start Engine button on the Toyota app home screen.
  • After the turn signal lights flash several times—voila! The engine is now turned on.
For both remote start options, your Toyota will run for 10 minutes before automatically shutting off as a precaution. 

Turning off the engine

You can turn your engine on the Toyota Camry in one of two ways:
  • Press the UNLOCK button on your key fob. Your engine will stop as the hazard lights flash twice. The doors will unlock and quickly re-lock if no action has occurred.
  • Or, just press and hold the UNLOCK button for at least two seconds. The engine will shut off as the hazard lights flash once. Your doors will remain locked with this method.

Turning off the engine with Remote Connect

  • Through the Toyota app, just press and hold the Stop button for one second.
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Toyota Camry remote start tips and tricks

Before testing out your Toyota Camry remote start feature, here are a few handy tips and tricks to consider first:
  • Your engine will shut down after 10 minutes, so if you need more time just perform the remote start process again, which will double your engine’s running time.
  • Remote start your Toyota Camry in a well-ventilated area, like outdoors. If you start your vehicle in an enclosed space, such as a closed garage, you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • Remove any flammable material near your Camry, such as grease, oil, paper, wood, and dead grass.
  • Once you open your door, the engine will shut down as a safety measure. You must have a valid key to turn on and drive your Camry. 
Key Takeaway Before you use your Toyota Camry’s remote start feature or Remote Connect, ensure your Camry is in a well-ventilated spot, like outdoors, with no nearby flammable material.
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Which Toyota models come with remote start?

The Camry isn’t the only Toyota equipped with the fantastic remote start technology! Each of these Toyotas also comes with the remote start feature:

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Most Toyota Camry sedans from 2010 or later are equipped with remote start technology.
Not long at all as long as you’re within 80 feet of your Camry. Remote start should be able to start up your engine within five seconds.
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