Volvo’s First OTA Update: More Range for Some Models

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
Over-the-air (OTA) updates sound like something from science fiction, but they are a reality in
car technology
. These allow cars to update features through a download rather than having to go to a shop. Drivers of certain models of newer Volvo cars will soon be able to receive OTA updates. The new Volvo OTA Updates will be a new advancement for the brand.
According to
, the new Volvo OTA updates will feature software improvements much as you might see in a smartphone update. However, Volvo electric vehicles (EVs) will see something even more impressive. The OTA updates will improve the vehicle range.
Volvo is introducing OTA, downloadable updates that will allow some EV vehicles to increase range.

Volvo OTA updates: Impacted models

This round of OTA updates will be the first offered by Volvo, and the brand has announced the models that will be eligible for the downloads. The update has the name Version 1.7 and will be available to modern Volvo vehicles in both their gas-powered and
highly successful Recharge electric
Version 1.7 Volvo OTA updates will be available for the gas-powered 2022 XC60 crossover SUV and its electric counterpart, the 2022 XC60 Recharge. The performance variant the XC60 Polestar Engineered will also be eligible. Finally, the electric XC40 Recharge will receive the update.
Volvo drivers who can receive the update should keep an eye on their infotainment screens for a notification about this update. The cars will alert owners when this and future OTA updates are available.
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What will be included in the Volvo OTA updates?

For all Volvo vehicles that can download the updates, Version 1.7 will come with bug fixes and software updates for the infotainment system. It will also update the radio for Sirius XM capabilities. These updates continue to sound like the sort of updates a smartphone would receive, which makes it even more impressive that it's on a car.
Electric vehicle drivers will be able to get the most out of the Volvo OTA updates. Version 1.7 will improve the range of electric vehicles. The software update will alter the propulsion system, which will help increase the range.
It is not known how much the range will improve with the over-the-air update. The idea of performance getting better from a software download shows just how promising these vehicle software updates can be.

Over-the-air updates changing the automotive industry

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With their Version 1.7 update, Volvo is entering the exciting world of OTA updates. With this major manufacturer implementing downloadable improvements to their cars, it will be interesting to see how the use of OTAs expands.
While many manufacturers have been slow to adopt the concept of OTA updates for their vehicles, the technology has been around for several years now. Electric vehicle juggernaut Tesla released their first OTA update in September 2012. Tesla EVs are some of the most renowned in the world of electric vehicles, and these updates may contribute to this.
The Volvo OTA updates may only provide minor improvements for drivers right now. Looking to the future, it will be fascinating to see how future updates in both Volvo vehicles and cars as a whole can change the way that cars are innovated. If a Volvo EV in 2021 can improve its range with an over-the-air update, imagine what updates a decade from now will be able to do.
We may have to wait for OTA updates to expand to more car brands, but everyone can use
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