8 Top Volvo XC40 Competitors

The 2022 Volvo XC40 is up against some fierce competitors, from the Audi Q3 to the Mercedes-Benz GLA 250.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Thinking about buying a 2022 Volvo XC40? You’ll also want to consider the Audi Q3, the Mercedes-Benz GLA 250, the Cadillac XT4, and several other fierce competitors. 
The Volvo XC40 is playful and hip, serving as a chic and exciting option if you’re in the market for a luxury compact SUV. However, its grainy engine isn’t as fuel efficient as some of its rivals, so it’s definitely worthwhile to take the extra time to shop around.
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1. Audi Q3

Starting price: $37,595 to $43,195
Selling points: High-tech features, modern aesthetics 
Weak spot: Cramped rear seat, lacks cargo space
The 2022
Audi Q3
offers a modern and attractive exterior, turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and all-wheel drive, all in a compact package
Its cabin isn’t as roomy as those of some of the XC40’s other competitors, but it is tricked out with plenty of standard luxury features including a panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery, heated front seats with eight-way power adjustments and lumbar support for the driver, and an 8.8-inch touchscreen MMI infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Optional features include ambient interior lighting, a fully digital gauge cluster, and contrasting microsuede on the dashboard and doors. 

2. Mercedes-Benz GLA 250

Starting price: $37,450 to $39,450
Selling points: Affordable top trim, well-equipped interior   
Weak spot: Less-than-stellar infotainment system, expensive optional packages
The 2022
Mercedes-Benz GLA 250
is another stylish compact SUV. It comes in only two trims: the base-level rear-wheel drive model and the 4Matic all-wheel drive option that costs $2,000 more.
Other upgrades are available as optional add-ons, like the Premium package that includes a 10.3-inch digital gauge display and 10.3-inch infotainment screen and or the Driver Assistance Package that adds adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. 

3. Cadillac XT4

Starting price: $36,940 to $43,040
Selling points: Roomy interior for people and cargo 
Weak spot: Grumbly engine, less interior trappings than competitors
If you want a little extra interior space, consider the 2022
Cadillac XT4
. With 38 inches of legroom in the second row plus 15.4 cubic feet of cargo space, you’ll have plenty of space for people and luggage. 
Beneath the hood, you’ll find a 235-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission and front- or all-wheel drive. It’s not that quick — it’ll take you 7.8 seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph — but it is pretty fuel efficient, reaching 30 mpg on the highway.

4. Subaru Forester

Starting price: $27,070 to $36,320
Selling points: Incredibly affordable, standard all-wheel drive
Weak spot: Unimpressive acceleration, cabin lacks luxury frills 
Though it isn’t as luxurious as some of the others, the 2022
Subaru Forester
earns a spot on the list.
It’s the perfect affordable vehicle for the adventurous outdoorsman. All-wheel drive is standard, but the 2.5-liter flat-four-cylinder engine isn’t too fast and can’t tow much. 
Fortunately, you’ll get to drive far and wide with an impressive fuel economy (26 mpg city, 33 mpg highway), and carry everything you could ever need with you: Up to 11 carry-on suitcases behind the back seat and an impressive 23 with the second row folded.

5. Volkswagen Tiguan

Starting price: $27,785 to $38,615
Selling points: Sporty handling, optional third row of seats
Weak spot: Uncomfortable seats, basic interior 
The 2022
Volkswagen Tiguan
is yet another affordable option that rivals the luxury compact SUVs on our list. 
Its long wheelbase allows for an optional third row of seats. The 184-horsepower four-cylinder engine makes the Tiguan feel smooth, sporty, and fun to drive, and we suggest adding on Volkswagen's 4Motion all-wheel-drive system for excellent handling in any season. 
The interior might not feel particularly stylish, but it’s definitely functional — it’s one of the only vehicles in its class that offers seating for 7. Fold down the optional third row and you’ll fit 19 medium size boxes in the cargo area

6. BMW X2

Starting price: $37,945 to $47,445
Selling points: Impressive fuel economy, spry handling 
Weak spot: Cramped cargo space, bland interior 
If you’re looking for something truly fun to drive, look no further than the 2022
. This super tiny subcompact SUV has a hefty standard powertrain that consists of a 228-hp turbocharged four-cylinder, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and standard front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is available for $2,000 more. 
This engine already has plenty of gusto, but you can take things up another notch by upgrading to a specially tuned 302-horsepower engine, allowing you to speed to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Either way, you’ll enjoy agile handling, though we suggest sticking to the highway — you’ll feel every little bump if you head to rougher roads.
MORE: BMW car-buying guide 

7. Mazda CX-5

Starting price: $27,475 to $40,225
Selling points: Plenty of trims to choose from, premium feel
Weak spot: Unimpressive towing and cargo capacities 
The Volvo XC40’s competitors have been a healthy mix of affordable compact SUVs and luxury options—and the 2022
Mazda CX-5
is the best of both worlds. You’ll struggle to believe its approachable price tag the moment you get a load of its luxury feel. 
Its head-turning exterior is undeniably stylish, with curvy and smooth surfaces on the front and rear and newly reshaped LED headlights.
Inside, you’ll find nothing but elegance, with top-notch materials that make you feel like you’re in a luxury German vehicle. The only sacrifice you’ll have to make is on space: its back seat is a bit cramped for the tallest of passengers, and you won’t store much in the rear cargo area. 

8. Nissan Rogue

Starting price: $28,445 to $38,225
Selling points: Rugged design, practical, generous cargo room
Weak spot: Little-to-no off-road abilities, lackluster acceleration 
No list of compact SUVs would be complete without the 2022
Nissan Rogue
: A stylish SUV with a surprisingly rich-looking interior.
What makes the Rouge so appealing is its overall practicality. The shift knob is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic, the interior is full of thoughtful storage spaces, and the entire space is kept comfortable thanks to a three-zone climate control system.
You’ll choose between four trim levels, and we highly recommend upgrading to access premium features like 8-inch aluminum wheels, an eight-way power-adjustable driver's seat, and a 360-degree exterior camera system. The Premium package adds a panoramic sunroof, a power-operated rear liftgate, roof rails, and faux-leather upholstery.

Volvo XC40 vs. the competition

To help you further break things down, we’ve created this comprehensive chart that compares them all, side-by-side:
Starting price range
Engine options
Maximum seating capacity
Maximum cargo volume
Maximum towing capacity
Fuel economy (city/highway)
2022 Volvo XC40
$36,195 to $42,945
2.0 L 4-cylinder
47.2 cubic feet
3,500 lbs
23/32 mpg
2022 Audi Q3
$37,595 to $43,195
2.0 L 4-cylinder
48 cubic feet
4,400 lbs
23/30 mpg
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250
$37,450 to $39,450
2.0 L 4-cylinder
50.5 cubic feet
4,400 lbs
24/34 mpg
2022 Cadillac XT4
$36,940 to $43,040
2.0 L 4-cylinder
48.9 cubic feet
2,500 lbs
24/30 mpg
2022 Subaru Forester
$27,070 to $36,320
2.5 L 4-cylinder
74.2 cubic feet
1,500 lbs
26/33 mpg
2022 Volkswagen Tiguan
$27,785 to $38,615
2.0 L 4-cylinder
73.4 cubic feet
1,500 lbs
23/30 mpg
2022 BMW X2
$37,945 to $47,445
2.0 L 4-cylinder
50.1 cubic feet
3,900 lbs
24/32 mpg
2022 Mazda CX-5
$27,475 to $40,225
2.5 L 4-cylinder
58.1 cubic feet
2,000 lbs
24/30 mpg
2022 Nissan Rogue
$28,445 to $38,225
1.5 L 3-cylinder
74.1 cubic feet
1,500 lbs
30/37 mpg

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