U.S. News' Top Car Insurance Company For 2021 Isn't Available to Everybody

Tina Joesph
· 4 min read
Car insurance can be the source of a lot of frustration for some people, especially when you have to go shopping for
car insurance quotes.
Reliability, ease of use, and value for your dollar are all important things to consider, and it takes some digging to find out which companies you can trust. It helps when you can shop for and compare prices online using tools like
, but you still need some general direction.
U.S. News
realized this and, as a favor to its readers, provided this list of the best car insurance companies for 2021. However, the top company on the list isn’t available to everyone. Do you qualify?

How was the list of best car insurance companies created?

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U.S. News made the list out of two data sets. The first was a survey of 2,732 people who had been in a car accident in the past five years. They sent out questionnaires to these people covering their experience with their insurance company.
They asked people if it was easy to make a claim, if they would recommend the company to someone else, whether their claim was resolved to their satisfaction, and how well the company communicated throughout the process.
They then went to a data analysis company, Quadrant Information Services, and worked with them to figure out the average rates that the insurance companies used. They had to use several factors to find the average, including miles driven, types of cars, age of drivers, and gender of the insured.
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Which car insurance company came out on top?

U.S. News surveyed customers and found that the car insurance company that got the most satisfied responses is USAA. Customers liked the easy claim filing process and the frequent updates on the status of their claim. Customers of USAA raved about the customer service as well.
The average annual rate that USAA used was $885, though that will vary depending on many factors such as the type of car you drive, your gender, and your driving record.

Is USAA only for the military?

What sets USAA apart, and one of its biggest downsides for some, is that you can only get it if you are a veteran, an active member of the military, or part of a military family. This severely limits who qualifies for USAA. So if you don’t qualify for them, you might as well opt for the second best company right?

Who was second?

Geico came in second in the U.S. News survey. The survey found that customers appreciated how easy Geico made it to file a claim, and they generally said that they would renew their policies. This matches the review
U.S. News
provided in their Geico Car Insurance Review for 2021 article.
However, people often felt that the value that they were receiving was not as great as it could be. The average annual rate that U.S. News found for them was $1,168. No word about status updates either.

What can you look for if you can't get the top two ranked insurance companies?

Good car insurance companies will make their rates reasonable for the amount of coverage they provide. They will want to work with you to find the appropriate amount of insurance for your situation.
Finding these companies takes comparing many companies' premiums and coverage rates that are relevant to your situation. For instance, if you are a young man looking to insure your 2016 Honda Civic, which you drive only on weekends, you will have to compare rates that companies charge for that particular circumstance.
Another important aspect of a good company is the customer experience. Some companies let you do everything for yourself online, and others will send a person around to fill things out with you.
Still others combine these methods, and all of these methods can be made obnoxious or simple. Picking the right insurance company for you means scouting out the personal experiences of customers.
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