The 2022 Honda Passport: How Does it Rate?

Alexandra Maloney
· 4 min read
has recently added another SUV to its fleet—the Honda Passport. Now, don’t get us wrong—the Passport did get an overall score of 75 out of 100 from
Consumer Reports
, and impressed in categories like acceleration, safety, road test, and climate system. 
But when the Passport is compared to other Honda SUVs, like the Pilot and CR-V, we don’t really see anything special about it. While the Passport is good, it isn’t any better or worse than the other Honda SUVs we see on the market today. 
The 2022 Honda Passport has a new TrailSport trim.

What is the 2022 Honda Passport?

The Honda Passport first made its appearance in 2019. You can think of the Passport as a mid-sized SUV for Honda, falling right in between the smaller CR-V SUV and the larger, three-row Pilot. 
The 2022 Honda Passport starts at $32,790 and the maximum price is about $44,180, depending on trim. While Honda didn’t make any major updates to the Passport for 2022, there are a few design and interior changes worth mentioning.
According to
, new for the 2022 Honda Passport is redesigned front and rear bumpers, a more aggressive headlight design, new interior trimmings, a standard kit rear-seat reminder, and a small update in terms of color to the instrument cluster. 
More notably, the 2022 Honda Passport brings a new trim to the car: the TrailSport. Although it sounds like this trim should make the Passport a remarkable off-road vehicle, it really doesn’t. The TrailSport is more of a package for the Passport, that comes with larger wheels, better floor mats, and orange interior stitching. 
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Pros of the 2022 Honda Passport

We can see from Consumer Reports road test of the Honda Passport that the car drives pretty well. It earned a 79 out of 100 for its overall road test score, which is pretty impressive. One of the major features driving that score was the Passport’s engine—a V6 that carries up to 280 horsepower. Consumer Reports found the engine made the car accelerate quickly, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds, which is a major win.
Like most other Honda vehicles, the Passport also has a good safety setup. The 2022 model comes standard with forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, a rear view camera, anti lock brakes, and more. 
Plus, the interior of the car is comfortable which is always a bonus for drivers. The Passport has roomy seats for passengers, tall glass for unobstructed views of the road, storage nooks, and adjustable front-seat armrests. 

Cons of the Passport 

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All in all, the Passport just isn’t better than other Honda SUVs like the Pilot and CR-V. While its sibling car, the Pilot, has a smooth and impressive ride, Consumer Reports found during their road test that the Passport didn’t follow suit. Instead, they found the car seemed stiff and transmitted far too many bumps, hills, and potholes to the driver and passengers.
Although the seats are comfortable and roomy in the Passport, the car doesn’t have any more storage or cargo space than the CR-V, despite being bigger and more expensive. And, Consumer Reports found the infotainment system to lag in the 2022 Honda Passport, plus it was cluttered with confusing menus.
While the Passport is a functional car with a good safety system and acceleration, it probably isn’t the best you can get for your money. If you’re in the market for an SUV, consider some other options Honda offers, or even look outside the brand entirely to get the best bang for your buck. 

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