Tesla Is Cutting Referral Awards for Cars and Solar Panels

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Carlos Kirby
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
is well known for its EVs, but it has also been providing solar power systems to consumers. Better yet, Tesla is now offering a new incentive of $500 cashback to anyone who
plans to purchase
the company's solar roof system.
A Tesla referral code or link will allow you to leverage the offer. The code is the same one used to get free supercharging when buying a Tesla automobile. Tesla owners can also enjoy the incentive by referring new buyers.
After gaining a massive fanbase, Tesla made cuts to its referral awards due to cost.

Referrals that Tesla is still honoring

First, understand that Tesla's referral program was previously applicable to any solar panel and vehicle purchases. This provided both the company and its customers with benefits. Over time, one could work their way up to cool prizes.
The prizes included 1,000 free Supercharging miles after purchasing an automobile using a referral code, a next-gen Tesla Roadster, and drives in the Tesla Semi. Eventually, Tesla's sales surged, and its customer base expanded, thanks to its referral program.
Unfortunately, Tesla ended the program. Going forward, the only product that owners can gain rewards from is the solar roof. According to
, if you are hoping to score a few thousand Supercharging miles from Tesla referrals, that may no longer be possible.

Why the brand has decided to cut the program

Over the years, Tesla's referral program has changed significantly. Originally, the company promised up to six months of free Supercharging and new Roadsters for top referrers. After some time, this became unsustainable because of the large expenses.
Tesla then decided to cut the program and introduce a new one with more reasonable rewards shortly after that. This was the 1,000 miles of free Supercharging program.
Currently, the automaker has halted its solar panel and vehicle product referral program due to increased demand. Increasing Tesla's sales through referrals was the focus of the company's referral program. Presently, demand has skyrocketed to the point that some Tesla automobiles are sold out for the rest of the year.
Of course, earning rewards by helping Tesla sell vehicles and other products is advantageous to customers. However, there comes a time when such a plan becomes a financial liability. Most likely, this is the point that the automaker is approaching, if it hasn’t already.

Will the rewards plan return?

The peak of Tesla's referral program was awarding new Roadsters to owners who accumulated enough referrals. It is worthy to note that an impressive number of individuals reached that level. 
Unfortunately, CEO Elon Musk announced that the company was killing its referral program due to cost concerns associated with the Roadsters. Although Tesla has officially ended its referral program, owners who still have Supercharging miles will be able to use them, but no new mile will be earned through referrals. 
Additionally, it is unclear whether the rewards program will return or not.
Retaining the solar roof referral program and increasing the award to $500 per system activation may seem appealing. However, since the solar roof option is the only one that remains, some are predicting the end of Tesla's referral program era.
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