Tesla Adds Wi-Fi While Driving and More

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
It’s great to live in a time when you can get in your car and realize it’s been automatically updated with new features.
drivers recently got some pretty cool new additions.
While Tesla isn’t the only carmaker to implement automatic updates, the
electric car
company has been leading the industry in this area, according to
According to
, its software updates occur on a rolling basis. If an update is available, Tesla notifies the driver through an alert on the car’s touchscreen and Tesla app.
Most of the time the updates are pretty minor, but the latest one includes many new features.
The newest updates recently began downloading to Tesla Model S, Y, X, and 3 vehicles.
Tesla drivers recently got a software update with many new features.

Tesla’s latest update

In the latest round of updates, the Disney+ streaming service was added to the car’s central touchscreen. The streaming video mode is called Tesla Theater and it only works when the car is parked, according to
Kelley Blue Book
. The streaming video mode also includes YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Twitch.
Another update allows the use of in-car Wi-Fi even while the car is moving. This is great news for car passengers since previously the Wi-Fi only worked when the vehicle was parked. Owners can now set their car up as a hotspot so that passengers can enjoy full connectivity.
The update also added a car wash mode, to make it easier to send the vehicle through an automatic car wash. The feature closes all the windows, locks the charge port, and disables windshield wipers, sentry mode, walk-away door locks, and parking sensor chimes.
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Tesla’s new dashcam recording

The vehicles’ built-in dashcam also got an update—it will now record video after any accident. Drivers can opt-in to the dashcam setting, which reportedly stores the videos but doesn’t send them to Tesla.
It’s becoming more popular for dash cams to be installed in vehicles. They can catch any incidents or accidents on the camera as they happen, and with Tesla storing the videos, you’ll be able to access them easily if you need to.
If you need to put in a claim, this might help you provide additional details about the accident that you may have forgotten.

How to check for software updates on your Tesla

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If you have a Tesla, you can check for new software updates by opening the "Software" tab on your touchscreen. You’ll receive a notification on your center touchscreen display if a new update is available.
You have the option to install the update immediately or wait until later. Your car should be connected to Wi-Fi to ensure the best and most reliable delivery of the software updates.
For safety reasons, you can’t drive your Tesla during the software update’s install phase. You can drive during the download phase, but if you’re disconnected from the Wi-Fi, the software update may be interrupted.

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