The Top 7 Benefits of Owning a Tesla

The key benefits of owning a Tesla include saving money on gas, saving time on repairs, staying safe on the road, and driving without stress.
Written by Sarah Gray
Edited by Amy Bobinger
Some of the key benefits of owning a
include saving money on gas, spending less time at the mechanic, exceptional road safety and a stress-free driving experience.
  • An all-electric powertrain means Tesla owners save on both fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Teslas are some of the safest—and greenest—cars on the road.
  • Tesla’s innovation has led to extended ranges, unbeatable acceleration, and lots of fun features.

Benefit #1: Saying goodbye to gas prices

One of the best things about driving a Tesla is saving money on gas. Tesla’s battery technology offers owners extended ranges of up to 375 miles without paying the high cost of gas.
Tesla Model 3’s maximum range
is over 350 miles, and it costs just $8 to fully charge. Plus, with a Tesla, you simply plug in overnight and wake up to a full charge—no need to pull up to a pump.
Key Takeaway: Charge up your Tesla’s battery for a fraction of the cost of filling up a gas tank.
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Benefit #2: Fewer stops at repair shops

Tesla engines have fewer moving parts, and fewer moving parts mean less maintenance. This makes the base cost of maintenance on a Tesla much lower than gas-powered alternatives.
Teslas don’t need routine maintenance, such as:
  • Oil changes
  • Fuel filters
  • Spark plug replacements
Plus, Tesla brakes reroute energy to the battery, which allows the brake pads to last longer. Batteries are guaranteed for eight years but are designed to last over 20 years.
Also, the likelihood of a Tesla sustaining serious damage—from a car accident, at least—is much lower than most cars.

Benefit #3: Unbeatable road safety

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)
has given every Tesla model a five-star safety rating in every safety category.
Tesla says its cars are designed to be the safest in the world, and the numbers back them up. Features that lead to Teslas consistently ranking at the top of passenger safety lists include:
  • Low center of gravity
  • Impact-absorbing side panels
  • Perfectly-placed crumple zones
Teslas are also designed to help you avoid accidents in the first place. Teslas have exceptional camera systems and blind-spot detection and will brake automatically if they sense a hazard in front of your car.
Key Takeaway Teslas are some of the safest cars on the planet, designed to help you avoid accidents.

Benefit #4: Helping to keep the planet healthy

Tesla makes zero-emission cars, which means that they don’t pollute the environment or disrupt the climate. In 2020 alone, Tesla avoided
5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions
Plus, they’re setting up a system for recycling their old batteries, so none of the raw metals go to waste.

Benefit #5: Lightning-fast acceleration

Tesla Model S
Plaid can go from 0 to 60 in 1.99 seconds, making it the quickest production car ever built.
The other Tesla models take a little longer to reach 60 mph:
By ditching traditionally weighty luxury features and multi-gear transmissions, Tesla is able to prioritize aerodynamics and send more power to the front and rear wheels.

Benefit #6: Stress-free highway driving and parking

With eight surround cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors, Tesla Autopilot is the best in the business. As long as you keep your hands on the wheel and stay attentive, it will:
  • Steer you toward your destination
  • Maintain a safe distance from surrounding vehicles
  • Change lanes as you approach an exit
Once you arrive at your destination, just step out of the car, and your Tesla will enter “park seek” mode, automatically finding a spot and parking without a scratch.

Benefit #7: Teslas are the coolest cars on the street

Teslas are commonly viewed as one of the most attractive cars you can buy. Tesla owners have praised the vehicle’s 
  • Minimalistic interior
  • Wide and accessible touchscreen
  • Spaceship-like exterior
Plus, Teslas have a handful of secret settings and modes, including
  • Sentry Mode: records would-be intruders or thieves
  • Bioweapon Defense Mode: uses a HEPA filter to keep air in the cabin ultra-pure
  • Dog Mode: keeps your car cool while your dog waits for you
Tesla’s business model makes them stand out more than anything else. Focusing on direct sales while scrapping the dealership and service model allows them to save tons of money.
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