Smokin' Sports Cars from the '70s

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
The 1970s is considered the golden era of
sports car
production by car enthusiasts. The decade was defined by a convergence of style, performance, and technology. The oil crisis of 1973 led American manufacturers to start building more fuel-efficient cars. 
The result produced powerful, stylish, high-performing
classic cars
Meanwhile, advancements in aerodynamics and lightweight materials made performance cars more efficient and sleeker. The '70s also saw a radical change in automotive design, with more cars adopting an angular, wedge line look, popular pop-up lights, and fuel-efficient engines.
And while the decade saw a problematic era of the oil crisis and strict regulations like the Clean Air Act of 1970, it produced some of the best sports cars. Here are some of the notable sports cars from the '70s according to
If you were a gear head during the ‘70s, these cars will surely bring back memories.

The ‘70s Pontiac Trans Am

The 1970 Pontiac Trans Am was a revolutionary sports car when it debuted. It combined the traditional muscle car formula of a big engine, a big body, and a surplus of horsepower with a host of innovative engineering features to make the car incredibly sophisticated.
Its body was designed to be aerodynamic, which gave it excellent handling. It also featured an independent rear suspension, which made the car much more stable at high speeds. 
The Trans Am was available in two Ram Air engine options of 6.6-liter, the Ram Air III L74 and the Ram Air IV LS1, which created 335hp and 345 hp respectively.
Other features included a front spoiler that featured flares ahead of the front wheels initially intended as an aero aid for the Trans Am racing series. 
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1971 Lamborghini Miura SV, a luxury icon

Also known as the P400SV, the Miura SV was the epitome of Lamborghini's passion for performance in the '70s. Lamborghini designed the Miura SV with aerodynamics in mind. 
It featured an angular body, which reduced drag. The Miura SV's rear engine and rear wing helped create a low, stable ride to give it a race-like feeling.
Under the hood, the Miura SV packed a V12 engine that produced 385 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque. It produced an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 5.75 seconds, attaining a top speed of 170 mph. In 1971, the first production year, about 70 units were produced.
Lamborghini made only
150 units
of the Miura SV. Today, this classic car is extremely rare and is currently worth several million dollars.

King of ‘70s sports cars: the 1973 Datsun 240z

The 1973 Datsun 240z was one of the most popular sports cars of the '70s, thanks to years of success on the racetrack. Produced from 1973 to 1977, the 240z was among the first Japanese cars to be sold in America.
Popularly known as the "King of the Road," it packed a lightweight body, powerful engine, and aerodynamic design. It emulated the Jaguar E-Type, Toyota's 2000Gt, and the C3 Corvette but still looked somehow unique.
Under the hood, the 240z was powered by a 2.4-liter inline-5 engine, which produced 180 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque. This lightweight engine gave the Datsun 240z a top speed of 110 mph. 
The Datsun 240z was available in two body styles: the coupe and the roadster. Both body styles featured a low-drag aerodynamic design, which made them extremely lightweight.

Bottom line

Although the automotive industry was marred with several problems, including the oil crisis and the
Clean Air Act of 1970
, it still produced some of the best car models that are now the most sought-after classics.
As such, it's essential to get
classic car insurance
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