Real Cars from Your Favorite Anime Shows

Serena Aburahma
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​​Movie cars, like those found in James Bond films, are often the ones that get the most spotlight, but cars are often major parts of anime as well. The slick movements of the artistic medium allow for fast-paced and stylish car chases and races. Sometimes, anime artists even include real
car brands
in their shows.
According to
The News Wheel
, these are some of the most popular cars in anime. Most of the ones on this list have real-world counterparts, but some fictional cars are too iconic to leave off.
Does anyone else blast the _Initial D_ soundtrack while they drive?

Which anime series had a modified Nissan Fairlady Z?

Wangan Midnight is a long-running racing anime that began life as a manga series in 1990. Real cars play important roles in the series, such as the Porsche 964 Turbo. However, the most famous car in the anime is a modified Nissan's Fairlady Z known as the Devil Z.
In Wangan Midnight, protagonist Akio Asakura races in the Devil Z, which is fitted with an L28 motor that puts out 600 horsepower. Within the series, the customized Fairlady Z is a notorious vehicle. While being fast and powerful, the Devil Z also has a deadly reputation for being difficult to handle.
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The Toyota AE86 from the famous racing anime: ‘Initial D’

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If you enjoy the Fast & Furious series, you can partially thank this classic anime. The first Initial D anime series debuted in 1998, and it wowed viewers with its look at illegal street racing. It is not the first racing anime to come out, but it is certainly the most influential.
Part of what sets Initial D apart is its use of real cars in its races, and no car in the series is as popular as the Toyota AE86.
Protagonist Takumi Fujiwara drives the AE86 both for racing and for making food deliveries. Because of its appearance in the anime, the AE86 has gained a cult following in Japan.

Fiat 500 from ‘Lupin the 3rd’

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The right car can help showcase the personality traits of a character, and this is incredibly true from the titular character of Lupin the 3rd.
Unlike other cars on this list that prioritize speed and power, Lupin drives a small Fiat 500. Lupin is a thief in the anime, but he is also lighthearted and funny, and the Fiat helps show this.
Lupin is also known for driving a Mercedes-Benz SSK, another car that highlights the quirks of this iconic character.

The Mach 5 from the ‘Speed Racer’ anime

Okay, unlike the other cars on this list, the Mach 5 is not truly a real car. But we couldn't not mention it.
The iconic Speed Racer Mach 5 might be the most famous car in anime history, though. Driven by the protagonist Speed Racer, this futuristic race car is equipped with an arsenal of gadgets.
Even though the Mach 5 is not directly related to any real-world counterpart, it does show its inspiration from Le Mans sports cars. Its overall body design especially resembles the famous Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa.
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