Rap Songs About Cars: The Most Mentioned Car Brands in the Genre

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Andrew Koole
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Cars and music
have intertwined since the early years of pop music. The Beach Boys and the Beatles made cars a chart-topping subject, and people have been singing about them ever since. But of all today’s genres, rap is probably the one we associate the most with cars.
In rap, cars are more than a source of inspiration for the music. They fit into the whole aesthetic of the genre.
Many artists continue the tradition of name-dropping impressive car brands in their lyrics. With a little help from
Car and Driver
, these are the most mentioned
car brands
in rap and hip-hop.
What car brands are mentioned the most in rap songs?

Rappers delight in their German luxury cars

Since its earliest form, rap and hip-hop have been about the brag. Rappers love to tout their successes and excesses in their music, and plugging luxury cars is a natural part of this. So it’s no surprise that
German luxury brands
are the most commonly featured vehicles in the genre.
easily lands on the top of the list, with the nameplate, its nicknames, and associated brands acquiring nearly 2,000 name-drops. 
Besides being a well-established symbol of wealth, the hyphenated business name also conveniently rhymes with another popular topic in the genre—“ladies.”
comes in second place with over 1,100 references. Its “beamer” nickname is particularly popular for rhyming with “reefer” and any female name ending in “ina.” Audi and Porsche are also popular options.

Other automotive references in rap

Germans aren’t the only ones building the cars of rap and hip-hop culture. The genre’s focus on luxury regularly puts Italian automakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati in the spotlight.
British opulence
is also a popular calling card in hip-hop. Brands like Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, McLaren, and Rolls-Royce are often mentioned in lyrics to signify heavy cashflow. As for the rest of Europe, family-focused Volvo gets a surprising 154 references.
Asian automakers also make their appearances in rap. Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus finds its way into lyrics the most, for obvious reasons including its similar sound to Rolex. For its more humble starting prices, Honda gets mentioned a surprising 436 times.
Rap references to U.S. brands show a peculiar trend. While
puts up some predictably impressive numbers (over 800), rappers’ collective contribution to the “Chevy vs. Ford” debate might surprise some. 
Of the two auto giants, Chevy easily comes out on top, with 643 to Ford’s measly 154 appearances.

The cost of the cars of hip-hop

Not everyone can afford the cars referenced in rap songs, and that’s kind of the point. While more affordable brands have their moments in rap songs, the majority of the vehicles making their way into lyrics have six-figure starting prices.
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