Why Are People Throwing Cheese at Cars?

Genevieve Fraser
· 3 min read
Have you gone outside to find your vehicle plastered with slices of American cheese?
Unfortunately, some folks have as a bizarre new prank sweeps the nation thanks to
TikTok users
, particularly those in
and Texas.
While having cheese thrown at your vehicle sounds annoying but ultimately harmless, it can actually damage your car!
has all the details on this strange phenomenon, and what to do to protect yourself in the event of an unexpected

Taking "say cheese" to a new level

A destructive TikTok trend involves throwing cheese at cars.
reports that in this trendy TikTok challenge, people throw cheese at unsuspecting passersby, or leave slices on stationary vehicles for bewildered owners to later find.
While this might be funny to some, those receiving the cheese are not so thrilled. Not only is it a hazard that can
distract drivers
and even obscure their vision, the cheese can melt and create a sticky mess.
If you know your cheeses, there are more acidic ones that could eat away at the finish on your car’s paint, and if the melted cheese is left long enough to harden, it could be hard to remove.

Ohio and Texas neighborhoods especially cheesed

There are well-documented cases of the "cheesings" in several Ohio and
neighborhoods. Most of the cheese-related events reported in these areas appear to have been instances where
parked vehicles
were targeted.
One Cincinnati man told
Fox 19
that both he and his neighbors had all found slices of cheese on their vehicles.
reported that a Temple, Texas woman was able to remove the cheese residue from her vehicle by taking it through a car wash.
Others haven’t been so lucky, reporting paint damage to their vehicles. In these instances, apprehended offending parties could be charged with vandalism, criminal mischief, or disorderly conduct. According to
Philly Voice
, this is what happened to two Pennsylvania teens when they targeted a home and two cars with the prank.

How to best protect yourself

News of the cheesings has been spread by pictures posted on social media, and if it happens to you, we would definitely recommend documenting it if you can. Worst case scenario, this could help your case if you needed to make an
insurance claim
relating to any damage from the bothersome trend.
Speaking of insurance, it's always important to take measures to protect yourself and your vehicle with quality
car insurance
, even when there aren’t any cheese-related threats involved.
While you can't control how others act, you can protect yourself from being financially liable for their actions.
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