One Man Owns 24 Aston Martin Lagondas

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Classic cars
are a mainstay in any car collector's collection. In Britain, a man has been making headlines with his current car lineup.
Amazingly, Rodger Dudding owns 24 Aston Martin Lagondas, a rare type of classic car. Read on to find out who Rodger Dudding is, how he managed to acquire so many Lagondas, as well as what may happen if he sells them.
Rodger Dudding owns 24 Aston Martin Lagondas, a rare type of classic car.

Who is Aston Martin Lagonda collector Rodger Dudding?

Rodger Dudding is a current multi-millionaire and the owner of Studio434, which is the largest private car collection in all of Europe. This collection includes modern and rare cars alike and amounts to over 420 vehicles, according to
Currently, the collection is housed in two multi-story buildings and contains vehicles from 1911 to 2017. They
out some cars for wedding and chauffeur services, as well as offer car storage solutions for high-value cars.
Dudding started his collection after using his engineering experience to design a new paper ticketing machine as a queuing system in the 1970s. It was referred to as the "take a ticket" system, and it is still used to this day.
Dudding used the capital to start his second business in lock-up garages, of which he owns about 14,000. His invention, along with his second business, earned him a fortune that allowed him to collect cars, including rare classics such as the Aston Martin Lagondas.
His love for cars began when he was a teenager, specifically after his father bought a 1952 Morris Minor. Since then, he viewed cars as a passion of his. According to
Express Digest
, Dudding stated, "I can look upon a motorcar in many cases as a piece of three-dimensional art."

Rodger Dudding's Aston Martin Lagonda collection

The Aston Martin Lagonda, also known as the "Wedge" model, is a rare car. According to
Motoring Research
, Aston Martin built only 645 between 1979 and 1990, and designed them as a luxury 4-door vehicle.
The Lagondas were best known for their innovative electronic dashboard. While it was considered fickle, it did stand out among cars that typically used two cathode ray televisions (CRT TVs).
With a car so rare, you wouldn't expect a single man to own 4% of them, but this is exactly the case with Rodger Dudding. Among his 24 Lagondas is a customized model that belonged to Dodi Fayed, a famous Egyptian film producer. His model added an impressive audio system, much larger than in the original vehicle.
The performance of the Lagonda isn't quite up to modern standards, with it only reaching a speed of 143 miles per hour.
Nonetheless, Dudding considers it relaxing to drive and says it has a lot of presence on the road. He claims that when driving in London, traffic literally stops when the vehicle comes through.

What will happen if Rodger Dudding sells his Aston Martin Lagondas?

Rodger Dudding has said he plans on selling some of his Lagondas. As you can imagine with a rare car, it comes with a hefty price tag.
Current estimates state that the cars may sell for 50,000-100,000 British pounds or about $69,000-139,000 in U.S. dollars. At the maximum value, it's nearly four times the cost of an average car.
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