Non-Tesla EV Owners Will Have to Pay to Use Supercharger

Brandon Moore
· 4 min read
The Supercharger network is one of the main reasons why people choose
over its rivals. Tesla launched the Supercharger network in the U.S 9 years ago, with only six stations. The network consists of a unique proprietary connector that is only compatible with Tesla models.
Up to date, only Tesla models can use the company's Supercharger network. But recently there has been some major confirmations that Tesla is planning to
share its supercharger network
with non-Tesla vehicles.

Tesla plans to open Supercharger network to other EVs

Supercharger stations will be available to all EV owners, but at a cost.
Over the years, Tesla has been launching supercharger stations in the U.S and across the globe. The company's success in the EV industry has largely been due to these widely-spanning stations.
In response to a tweet highlighting the contributions of Tesla's proprietary charging connection to the fast-growing electric vehicle infrastructure, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, confirmed that Tesla is having plans to open a Supercharger network to other EVs this year.
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Non-Tesla owners will be able to use proprietary plugs using an adapter

Most EVs use the standard J1772 connection for Levels 1 and 2 charging or the standard Combine Charging System for fast charging. Some models like Nissan and Mitsubishi use the CHAdeMO DC fast-charging connection.
Although non-Tesla drivers currently cannot charge using the Supercharger network, Tesla drivers in some countries can charge their EVs using the standard J1772 for level 2 stations.
Tesla also launched a CHAdeMO charging adapter that is only compatible with all Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3 vehicles with 2019.24.1 firmware or newer.
In Europe and
other Tesla markets
where Type 2 charging is standard for AC charging, Tesla has adopted a different inlet that looks identical to the Type 2 AC charging connector.
This has made it easier for Tesla owners in these countries to use a single AC station to charge their car without using an adapter. However, non-Tesla drivers with Type 2 inlets cannot use the Tesla Supercharger technology.
Tesla will make the proprietary adapter available for non-Tesla owners to use the Supercharger network. Non-Tesla owners will be able to purchase the adapter at Teslas' retail locations and online store.
But if you live in a country where Tesla has already adopted the CCS connectors, you will not need to purchase a new adapter. Musk also hinted that they will provide adaptors for some of their Supercharger Stations.
Tesla will also open its mobile app to non-Tesla owners to manage their charging sessions, locate a Supercharger station, and add their credit cards.

Non-Tesla owners using the Supercharger will be charged more

The company plans to base their charges on how quickly a car will charge. The Tesla CEO indicated that non-Tesla owners with slow charging vehicles will pay more to charge at a Supercharger station.
"If the charge rate is super-slow then someone will be charged more," said
. "We will also be smarter with how we charge for electricity at the supercharger."
This strategy aims at reducing congestion at the charging station, which is already a problem. There is also a possibility that Tesla will use "time of use tariffs", which means that the cost of charging will depend on the day, the day itself, and the season.
Tesla opening their Supercharger network to non-Tesla owners is a significant move in the improvement of EV infrastructure. On the flip side, Tesla might benefit from the numerous incentives and funding by governments to
expand the EV infrastructure
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