Is Nio 1 of Tesla's Biggest Competitors?

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
The booming
electric vehicle
(EV) market has given rise to brands and names beyond the longtime giants of the auto industry.
is likely the first automaker that comes to mind when you think of EVs, but a manufacturer in China seeks to take over the market. This company is called Nio, and they’re led by a charismatic leader of their own.
According to
, William Li, Nio's founder and CEO, has a following in his home country similar to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's in the United States. Nio’s customers show a similar brand loyalty as Apple fans. However, Nio’s road to success hasn’t been easy, and they’re still facing challenges.
Nio fans have the same brand loyalty as Tesla enthusiasts

William Li and the popularity of Nio

Interaction with fans is at the heart of William Li's business philosophy. The Nio CEO is known for his casual style, typically wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and he’s eager to take selfies with swarming fans. Li’s dedication to the customers creates a sense of allegiance and has helped give Nio its identity.
Li is not the only reason for Nio's popularity. Much like Tesla, Nio is designed to appeal to a more luxury market. Nio vehicles, including the EC6 SUV and upcoming ET7 sedan all retail for around $60,000 or more.
Despite the popularity of William Li and Nio, the company has not yet made a profit.
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Nio's struggles and successes

In an effort to boost the brand's image, Nio had a program in which a fleet of vehicles would bring chargers to parked Nio vehicles. But, they faced a major recall due to some cars catching fire. All of these costs resulted in $5 billion in losses during Nio's first four years.
Nio has also faced standard struggles for an EV manufacturer. Costs of materials used to build batteries for EVs are high, and they’ve dramatically increased in recent months. The global chip shortage, which has affected car production worldwide, has also hit Nio.
Things have been looking up for Nio, beginning with a major government contribution in 2020, which helped them get through the pandemic. Since 2021 began, their sales have increased steadily and losses have been down.

Competition from Tesla and other automakers

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With the EV market growing, especially in China, Nio faces stiff competition. As the industry leader, Tesla is one of its biggest rivals. In 2018, Tesla opened the Giga Shanghai factory, and they now produce Tesla vehicles in China.
Nio is up for the challenge, and the company is performing well. Nio's SUVs are selling as well as Tesla's signature Model Y in China. The Tesla name may have global recognition, but Nio is famous locally. In China, retail sales of EVs increased by 10% last year, and taking control of this market could empower automakers to drive the future of cars.
Tesla isn't the only EV manufacturer looking to China. Volkswagen, BMW, and Toyota all want to break into the Chinese EV market. Chinese tech giants like Huawei are also investing in EVs.
As William Li's company grows, it could see more global success. Li believes that Nio can compete with Tesla, but it’s still too early to tell who will find the most success in the EV race.
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