This New Hampshire Hotel Is EV-Friendly for Vacationers

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
If you live in
New Hampshire
, you probably have a hard time finding
charging stations
if you’ve switched to an electric car.
It’s not as bad as North Dakota, which ranks
last in EV adoption
, but these states will need to see more charging infrastructure to make EVs accessible.
The good news is, if you’re planning to visit New Hampshire, there’s a great EV-friendly hotel that you can stay at. Here are more details about the charging options available at the hotel, and how improved charging infrastructure is important for EV adoption.
Electric vehicle owners can rest their head and charge their car in one spot at this hotel.

General Motors used Glen House to launch their Bolt EUV

According to
Torque News
, General Motors recently launched their Bolt EUV in New Hampshire. The automaker staged the vehicles at the Glen House hotel near the Mt. Washing Auto Road entrance.
New Hampshire is known for having an extremely poor public charging network. There are almost no DC fast chargers and Level 2 chargers are slow and only located in a few cities. These cities aren’t ones you would visit as a tourist or road-tripper.
But the Glen House and nearby areas offer many charging options.
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Charging options available at the Glen House hotel

The Glen House is a great option if you’re looking to tour New Hampshire but you’re not sure where you’ll charge your EV. The hotel has two Clipper Creek Level 2 chargers located right by the entrance. Another bonus is that they’re free to use for guests.
Across the street at the Red Barn Museum and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center, there are two more Level 2 chargers and two
Destination chargers. If you drive a Tesla, you won’t have to worry about having a charging adapter.
Torque News reported that the front desk employees might not know the power level offered by the chargers and there’s no "move your vehicle" policy. If there’s a fully charged vehicle occupying a spot, you’ll likely have to wait for them to move their car.
The chargers are powered by a local hydroelectric source near the property. The Glen House is a hotel that’s working hard to be more eco-friendly. They implemented several sustainable initiatives such as using paper straws and selling boxed water instead of bottled.
It’s a solid hotel to visit if you want to explore the outdoors in New Hampshire.

Better charging infrastructure will accelerate EV adoption

For commercial customers and everyday drivers to transition to electric vehicles, states need better charging infrastructure. This has been a key focus area in the
Biden administration’s infrastructure plan
that includes $7.5 billion of funding for EV charging stations.
This will help offer remote communities more access to chargers and encourage more people to switch to EVs. Battery technology and range will also have to see improvements to give drivers more confidence in electric cars.
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