The MG Maze Is a Gamer’s Dream

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
Professional gamers have some of the fastest hand-eye coordination in scientific history, especially when it comes to driving virtual cars. The passion and an incredible number of people who can race through challenging digital routes and landscapes have brought video game driving to new heights.
Video games have raised two generations of car enthusiasts, now. Inspired by Grand Theft Auto, there is an entire genre of
focused on driving and customizing cars, each with its own power, torque, grip, weight, and center of gravity. So why not make a car for video gamers?
The MG Maze is bringing the
virtual innovations
of the auto world into reality as they embrace their fully EV line of vehicles. The MG 5, ZS, and Marvel R are all promising models, but nothing gets us more excited than the sleek, futuristic dashboard-free design of the Maze.
The MG Maze takes inspiration from the gaming world and is sure to impress.

How was the MG Maze inspired by video games?

The MG Maze is an incredible mix of existing technology and cutting-edge design. The manufacturer says it was initially inspired by video games. This is apparent through the high-tech features and aesthetics favored by gamers.
The MG Maze's most noticeable feature is that it has no dashboard. No wheel, no pedals, no analog or digital display. It has two gravity-defying seats and a wrap-around cockpit shell that gives the full view of the outside world.
It comes with an incredible
holographic HUD
that sits against the back of the window. The car is also meant to be driven with a gaming controller, designers theorize.
Through games like GTA, video games have been modeling real cars and coming up with inspired designs based on that. It's only fair that the inspiration goes in the other direction now.
reports that the Maze study by SAIC Design "aims to open the concept of mobility experience to a new generation".
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The MG Maze even looks like it drove out of a video game

Looking at the MG Maze, you can see how it was inspired by gaming and not just the controller-based cockpit design. The car is shaped like a sleek hatchback but with a complete polycarbonate shell that is partially translucent on the outside.
This gives the vehicle a futuristic, bubble-like stylization. With the driver seated forward, the power of the car is set in the back, giving it a unique teardrop look. The car gives both adorable and serious looks at the same time.
You will definitely feel like you've just left the bat cave when the cockpit closes over you and the driver HUD is displayed through the windshield.

What the Maze has to offer so far

The Maze looks like an incredible car to play with, but what we really want to know is how it will perform as a collector and
commuter car
. While this concept is still highly conceptual, it also has promising performance.
MG asserts that the Maze will be a full EV with plug-in capabilities, but that's about all we know so far. Right now, we can only hold our breath and hope that the MG Maze will also have the torque and travel power to truly be worthy of its video game inspiration.
We would all love a car with the perfect acceleration and maneuverability of our favorite GTA-style virtual car models. Whatever you drive in the virtual world, let's see how the MG Maze stands up to its inspiration.
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