Kanye West's Insane Car Collection, Tank Included

Hannah DeWitt
· 4 min read
Kanye West is an artist who is as successful as he is enigmatic. Known for controversies like his feud with fellow
celebrity car collector Taylor Swift
and years of hit music, Kanye has a one-of-a-kind car collection. Calling it a car collection is a bit of an oversimplification, though,  because it features truly
bizarre vehicles
, including a tank.
According to
, Kanye West's collection is valued at more than $3.8 million, and most of his collection can be found at his Wyoming estate. The collection contains everything from luxury cars to ATVs, and all of it is painted a signature matte black. Here are some highlights of his collection.
Kanye has a lot of high-quality off-roading vehicles in his collection.

Ford F-150 Raptor

Seeing as Kanye's vehicle collection is mostly kept on his ranch in Wyoming, it should come as no surprise that durable vehicles are the focus. Kanye West's truck of choice seems to be the
Ford F-150 Raptor.
The F-150 Raptor is the performance version of Ford's signature pickup. It’s known for being a highly capable off-road vehicle and having impressive speed. The Raptor also stands out because of its truly striking visual style, which accurately portrays the power of the truck.
With its chic design and luxurious feel, it certainly feels a bit representative of Kanye’s style. What really sets Kanye apart from other F-150 Raptor owners, though, is that he doesn't just own one.
West allegedly owns a "fleet" of Raptors, somewhere between two and six of the vehicles. His property is quite large, and he frequently has collaborators staying with him. There are enough luxury vehicles for every one of them!
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Sherp ATV

The Sherp ATV is a four-wheeled monster recognizable by its giant tires. West owns several of these vehicles, and it’s not uncommon to see him bringing them to events beyond his ranch. The vehicles stand out even in the luxury segment, coming at a cost of $120,000 each.
Sherps are Russian-made vehicles that take the "all-terrain" part of all-terrain vehicles seriously. They’re not known for impressive speeds, but they can climb steep hills with ease. 
In addition to their impressive durability on the ground, Sherps are amphibious vehicles. They can travel through water and then switch back to land with no problem. 

Ripsaw EV2 tank

Raptors and Sherps are impressive in their own rights, but nothing in West's vehicle collection is as unique as his personal tank. The Ripsaw EV2 is a tank that can travel 80 miles an hour. It has a reputation for power, which has led to its inclusion in movies like
Fast & Furious 8
This civilian tank was created by Howe and Howe Technologies and was originally designed for the military. However, the military declined it, so it’s now available for interested buyers. It’s a true luxury vehicle that comes at a price of just under $500,000.
Naturally, West’s Ripsaw tank has a matte black paint scheme to match his other vehicles. With its futuristic and intimidating design, it’s a vehicle that fits Kanye West's persona more than any other model in his collection.
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