Hurricanes Are Dangerous Even After They Pass

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Ru Chen
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Hurricanes are a powerful force of nature. They form over warm ocean waters and sweep over land, and we give them memorable names such as Katrina and Ida. 
The risks of a
natural disaster
don’t just vanish because it’s left an area. Hurricanes create a lot of dangers even after it passes, which is why it’s so important to have
comprehensive insurance
to minimize financial loss. 
Hurricanes cause a host of problems even after they have left the area.

Dangers of a hurricane that has left the area

A hurricane warning goes into effect when hurricane conditions are expected in 24 hours or less. It’s important to be prepared and stay safe.
Fill your car’s gas tank as early as possible when your city first declares a hurricane watch. If the watch turns into a warning, then that means a storm is imminent and you should stay indoors. 
Keep yourself informed of the hurricane’s progress. Listen to the radio or TV to track where the hurricane is. 
Everyone knows that when a hurricane is in your city, it wreaks havoc. 
But unless you’ve lived through a hurricane before, it’s uncommon for people to realize how dangerous hurricanes can be for the days and weeks after it’s left.
A hurricane is much more devastating than a regular storm. After it passes you're free to go outside, but beware of hazards.
Outdoor hazards include:
  • Fallen tree branches 
  • Loose signs and awnings
  • Loose and dangling power lines
If you see any power lines that are loose or dangling, make sure you report them to the proper local authorities so that they can deal with that electrocution risk.
If you need to drive following a bad storm, make sure you do so with extreme caution. If you’re walking, stay away from anything that might fall on you. 
Washouts from hurricanes can weaken road and bridge structures. Hurricanes can also cause devastating floods that can cause severe water damage to your vehicle.
As for when you’re at home, make sure you throw out spoiled food if there was a power outage. Don’t drink municipal water unless you boil it or until authorities have deemed it safe in case of contaminants.

What steps to take to prevent and cover losses

Important: keep all receipts for insurance purposes! Like other Acts of God, hurricanes are covered by comprehensive insurance. If you live in an area where you anticipate natural disasters, it is highly recommended to get comprehensive coverage ahead of time. 
Gather all receipts because the expenses may be covered by insurance or tax deductible. 
In general, when a natural disaster strikes, try to focus on what you can do and stay safe. Hurricanes tend to leave a wake of destruction and can be a very traumatic (and expensive) experience. 
Try to avoid driving your car in areas that have been flooded. 
Water damage might not sound like much, but if the water is more than a few inches high, that can cause long-lasting water damage that will result in the need for repairs. 
Of course, sometimes damage from hurricanes is unavoidable. Notify your insurance company of any damages incurred as soon as possible.
If you need to make temporary repairs to prevent looting and other property damage, make sure the situation is safe enough first. 
If you need contractors for a repair job, get written estimates.
Insurance Information Institute
points out that during natural disasters, some building contractors may try to make you pay huge deposits upfront.

Best way to get insurance coverage 

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