Here's How You Can Get Your Car to Change Colors

Serena Aburahma
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Conventionally, when you want to personalize your vehicle color, you'll typically have to take it to a bodywork professional for color changing.
But there's another alternative – color-changing car paint that switches from one pigment to another based on environmental conditions. If you've heard about paramagnetic paint back in the 2000s, then you know what I'm talking about.
Not only does the car
paint make your vehicle look cool
, but it also gives it an indistinguishable character. You can drive in the morning in one color and another in the afternoon. It doesn't ruin the car body in any way, but it might have some implications for purchasing auto insurance
Wanna make your hot rod look even hotter? Consider getting some color-changing paint.

What makes a color-changing car?

According to
Dean Auto Glass
, color-changing paint is made possible by the light-emitting effect of the coat, turning a vehicle's body paint into a light-emitting material. 
This paint is called an electroluminescent finish because it relies on electric currents to emit light to change a vehicle's surface color. 
Electroluminescent paint comprises a highly conductive and low-resistance material that lets electric current spread through it evenly. The result is an automatic color change throughout the body of a car. 
Are you wondering where the pigments in the coat come from? 
The colors are incorporated into the paint during manufacturing, and it only takes electric currents to flow throughout the finish to illuminate and make the color more profound. Once applied, a low-resistance coating is added and finished with a transparent, conductive top layer. 
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Non-harmful color-changing paint for enhanced vehicle styling

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Having known that color-changing vehicle paint relies on electric currents to switch pigments, it's understandable to be concerned about the safety risks. You need not worry about safety or vehicle quality because it doesn't have any harmful effects on you or your beloved car. 
To guarantee safety, electroluminescent paint manufacturers, such as LumiLor and LitCoat, add a dielectric material to the paint designed to offer insulation. It also ensures that the vehicle's surface does not short circuit or burn. This material also protects car owners and ensures even current distribution to the surface area for smooth color transitions and impressive color depth. 
When current is not flowing through the paint, you'll think that the vehicle only has the base automotive primer because it appears blue. But once the current starts flowing, the car can switch from one color to another, depending on the paint's color gamut. 

Electroluminescent paint is used on a range of body materials

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An upside to using color-changing paint is that you can apply it to a wide range of body materials, as highlighted in
Coating UK.
Electro-L paint can adhere to these surface materials without degrading the quality and durability. Since most automakers use steel or aluminum, your car is likely to have that in the body, so you can improve its aesthetics by adding a multi-color tone without much worry.
The paint also works excellently with sports cars featuring light carbon fiber bodies, including the Dodge Viper, Chevy Corvette Z06, Audi R8, and BMW 7 Series, to mention a few. 
These cars come with eye-catching, sporty, and aerodynamic designs. Imagine how cool they can get if color-changing paint is added? We’ll leave that to your imagination. 
Besides, electroluminescence paint works for wooden, fiberglass, vinyl, and plastic. A vehicle like the Chrysler CCV comes with a plastic body for fuel economy and recyclability. But the body material allows you to add decorative paint. All you need is to first add an adhesion promoter to ensure the paint lasts for an extended time on the car. 

Good coverage for your sick new color-changing car

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