Is it a Good Idea to Lift a Jeep Compass?

Alex Healey
· 4 min read
The first
was born out of the U.S. military’s need for a four-wheel drive recon car during World War II. Such a vehicle needed to be able to handle the rugged conditions of North Africa, in addition to the wet and muddy terrain that covers much of western Europe.
Over 80 years later, off-roading has become a
popular American pastime
, and Jeep’s SUV’s are some of the best equipped vehicles for it.
However, a crossover SUV like the Jeep Compass needs work before you go tearing off into the wilderness. Find out how to get your Compass off-road ready, and discover what kind of insurance you need.
Just because you can lift a Jeep Compass doesn’t mean you should.

Why not just set off into the wilderness?

Unlike the
Jeep Wrangler
, which is capable of handling most off-road terrain straight from the dealership, the Jeep Compass needs more ground clearance.
As detailed by
Orange Coast Auto
, Jeep Compass base models offer 8.2" ground clearance. This is better than most crossover SUVs, but not high enough to keep the undercarriage safe from uneven terrain.
The only way to improve ground clearance is to lift your Jeep Compass.
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Can you lift a Jeep Compass and how much does it cost?

You can lift a jeep compass to improve its ground clearance. In fact, the experts recommend it before you go exploring America’s badlands.
Jeep enthusiasts suggest buying a lift kit and installing it yourself to save on labor costs. Good quality kits, like this one offered by
Off Road Warehouse
, sell for around $350.
Lift kits include adjustable control arms, bushings, shocks, track bars, coil springs, and sway bar links.

Improve your off-road performance with these modifications

While lift-kits are a good place to start, there are plenty of other modifications available which will improve your Jeep’s off-road performance.
Skid plates are a type of protective cover, designed to shield your vehicle’s undercarriage. In conjunction with good ground clearance, skid plates protect the bottom of your Jeep from rocks and other hazards.
Off-road tires are a special kind of car tire designed to handle all kinds of terrain with ease. They are bigger and tougher than standard tires, with a deeper tread.
Drivetrains play a major part in a car’s off-roading capabilities. The Jeep Compass comes with a front-wheel drivetrain, but for added traction, you should upgrade to the Trailhawk model. The Jeep Compass Trailhawk boasts a 4×4 drivetrain capable of handling rock, sand, mud, and even deep snow.

Are you covered by insurance when driving off-road?

So, you’ve lifted your Jeep Compass, added skid plates, off-road tires, and even upgraded the drivetrain. You’re good to go right? Almost.
One final consideration before taking your Compass off-road is car insurance. It might sound boring, but why risk damaging your souped up Jeep and having to pay for repairs out of pocket?
Speak to your insurance company, and tell them of your plans. Some insurers will be happy to cover you under your existing policy as long as you aren’t planning anything too extreme.
Ensure you have enough
bodily injury
property damage
liability insurance. Property damage might sound weird, but farmland, fence posts, and other types of private property do get damaged by off-roading.
Collision and
insurance are also a good idea, as off-road driving has many hazards you might not have encountered before (of course, that’s part of the fun).
Modifying your insurance to cover off-road driving might all sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Compare car insurance rates with
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