George Clooney Is a Much Better Actor Than Insurance Agent

Hannah DeWitt
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It might seem crazy to think that superstar George Clooney might have never stepped into the Hollywood spotlight.
He was surrounded by a family of famous personalities. His aunt was the famed singer Rosemary Clooney. His mother was a beauty queen, his father a talk show personality, and his uncle was actor Jose Ferrer. The limelight was nothing new to his world, but as a young man, he loved sports and didn't seem to have Hollywood dreams.
He played baseball in high school and even tried out for the Cincinnati Reds before attending college. He had a string of low-paying odd jobs including a stint as a door-to-door insurance salesman, according to
Evening Standard
George Clooney had a rough time trying to sell insurance before he became an actor.

George Clooney’s early life

George Clooney went to college at Northern Kentucky University, not far from where they lived. He wasn't there long, though, as he decided his chosen field of broadcast journalism wasn't what he wanted.
Clooney drifted from job to job after he dropped out of college. He found work as a shoe salesman and later as a farmhand picking tobacco. He spent a year living in one of his friend's walk-in closets. Clooney soon started to see that none of the jobs, including selling insurance, seemed to be getting him anywhere.
The summer he spent cutting tobacco was the catalyst for Clooney's
change of heart
about Hollywood. When he received a call from his cousin to help him with a small movie, he jumped at the opportunity. It was the beginning of what would be a stellar career.
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George Clooney wasn't a star at selling insurance

George Clooney sees his experience working in a series of unsatisfying jobs before heading for Hollywood as a positive lesson. He saw his early hard-scrabble years as great preparation for many of the roles he played.
In the interview with Evening Standard, Clooney said difficult jobs like selling insurance door-to-door also gave him humility. On his first life
insurance policy
sale, his customer died right after the sale. It was one of Clooney’s several failed attempts to make it in a dead-end job.
Even after moving to Los Angeles and picking up a small acting role, Clooney still struggled to make ends meet. He ran errands and chauffeured for his aunt and rented out his old Monte Carlo by the day for extra money. The movie was never released but it was enough to fire up his innate acting bug.

How did George Clooney become a global star?

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George Clooney got his first break in 1994 when he landed the role of Dr. Doug Ross in the popular medical drama, ER. His easygoing portrayal of a caring doctor and ladies' man caught the attention of the Hollywood elite. Clooney was soon considered one of the most promising breakout stars and seemed destined for the big screen.
Before long, he became extremely busy with his television role and appearances in several films. His role as the caped crusader, Batman, in the iconic 1997 summer blockbuster cinched his career as a global star.
Clooney eventually turned in his scrubs to pursue his movie career full-time. His success was celebrated with several nominations and awards, including the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Clooney now spends his time getting involved in various humanitarian and human rights causes that are close to his heart. His lack of success selling insurance seems like a small blip in an outstanding career.
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