GEICO Is Getting Sued for the Most Ludicrous Reason

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
car insurance covers a large range of vehicle damage and
related medical expenses
, but did this lady carry that expectation a bit too far? Jerry has discovered that
the insurance company
is being sued for… get this… a woman contracting HPV from her sexual adventures in her Hyundai! Read on to find out if she has a shot at receiving more than laughs.

Suing GIECO…for unprotected sexual activity in her car

Protection for these types of activities usually consists of a chemical or barrier product. However, a woman that
only can note as M.O. has sued the insurance carrier for one million dollars because her activities resulted in contracting the Human Papilloma Virus.
Oh, wait, it gets better! Her partner was treated several times for throat cancers related to… drum roll… HPV. The vehicle? Clean bill of health (since it doesn't have the potential reproductive organs or mouth required to contract the virus)!
While the virus is noted to be responsible as one of the contributing factors to cancer, it is noted to otherwise not be harmful and can resolve without treatment, according to the
. So, is the insurance company responsible for everything that happens inside the car, and therefore liable for this woman's plight?
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Does M.O. have any real luck with GIECO covering her illicit activities?

The suit between M.O. and her partner that settled in court is dependent on whether the insurance carrier will cover the activities inside the vehicle. From the evidence brought forth on the case, however, the woman in question is not getting her big payoff from either GIECO or her partner.
Why not? Well, because the car was not the only sexual contact they had, for one reason. Another reason? Car insurance covers
striking an individual with your vehicle
, not the facilitation of HPV. GIECO's claims that offer "Real Service, Real Savings" don't necessarily extend to reproduction.

Seriously, what DOES insurance cover for medical expenses?

GEICO covers everything from vehicles, homes, life insurance, and even umbrella insurance to protect from suing and slander, but none of their medical auto insurances protect from unprotected sex inside a vehicle.
Could it be covered under bodily injury? Nope, bodily injury covers injured or killed people due to an accident involving the vehicle. The vehicle has to be involved with the incident (and not just that the incident happened inside the car).
What about
comprehensive coverage
, would her sex be covered there? Not necessarily. This covers any damages to a car that are not the result of a car accident. Since there was no reported damage to the vehicle, she doesn't qualify for this one.
Wait! What about RV insurance? Well, even recreational vehicles are covered by the same insurances that vehicles are plus some personal effects, it STILL doesn't cover personal choices. Sorry, M.O., but you're probably not going to win this one.
Even though her condition could have been contracted
inside the vehicle during her hot
and heavy activities, she can't even prove the Hyundai was the place it happened! 
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