This Funky, One-of-a-Kind RV Might Be Up for Grabs Soon

Hannah DeWitt
· 4 min read
Exploring the outdoors
is a quintessential pastime for many Americans. Whether it be hiking, camping, or just road-tripping across the country, everyone’s got their favorite ways of connecting with nature.
are a great way to do it all, and this unique Class B could help you do it in style. The 2004 Chinook Baja H2 Special Edition, also known as the Chummer, is truly one-of-a-kind, according to
The Chummer is a rare RV that’s part Hummer and part Chinook Baja.

How was the Chummer created?

Chinook was founded in 1938 and reached the height of its fame in the ‘90s and early 2000s. They ended production in 2005 but made some of the most sought-after RVs during their run.
There are only around 25 Ford-produced Chinook Bajas in circulation, making standard Bajas exceedingly rare. The Chummer, however, is even rarer—only one of them was ever made. The Chummer was the brainchild of RV mastermind Gary Lukehart. In essence, it’s a combination of a Ford Chinook Baja and a Hummer H2.
The Hummer H2 was built to be an
off-road vehicle
, equipped with a rooftop tent for customers that might want to camp out on their adventures. Lukehart must’ve seen an opportunity to make the Hummer into a real camping vehicle while giving an RV some off-roading capabilities.
Lukehart didn’t plan on selling the vehicle, but after a Chinook dealership spotted the Chummer at an RV show in 2005, they made a deal. The dealer took it off Lukehart’s hands and soon sold it to a buyer in Minnesota. A few years after that, the current owner, Mike Johnson, tracked it down, offered to buy it, and eventually purchased it from the owner a few months later.
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Chummer specs and features

Though it looks like the front body of the RV would be pure Hummer, it’s a bit more complicated. The engine is a 6.0-liter V-8, which matches the 2004 H2’s specs, but the wheels were upgraded, sitting at 19.5 inches. The nose on the Chummer is
and combined with a one-ton GM chassis cab.
The Chummer is outfitted with a Warn winch under the nose, an upgraded suspension, and off-road lights in the front and rear. There’s also an emergency kit in the back in case of any off-roading accidents.
In terms of interior comforts, the Chummer has a bath and a full kitchen with appliances. The sitting area has a TV and a power-folding leather sofa, surrounded by Cherry wood trim to complete the space. There’s also a central vacuum system, heated holding tanks to prevent freezing, and a 4,000-watt generator to boot.

Will there be more Chummers?

Though Chinook had initially planned to create more H2 Bajas, they were forced to close their doors soon after selling the first and only Chummer, so no more like it will probably ever be made.
However, Johnson thinks he might sell it in a few years for around $200,000, previously buying it for $3,000 less than that. Chinooks tend to hold their value extremely well in the RV world, and the Chummer’s rarity might just make it worth it. If you’re in the market for a unique, quality RV, the Chummer is about as unique as they come, so keep your eyes peeled.
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