From Video Game to Reality: The Chevy Beast, a Glorified Halo Warthog

Hannah DeWitt
· 4 min read
Truck enthusiasts and video game fans need to check out the latest
truck concept. Appropriately titled the Chevy Beast, this monster is built to appeal to
off-road drivers
and was recently shown off at a preview event. In an era where manufacturers are releasing performance trucks, the Beast stands out as a potential powerhouse.
According to
Car and Driver
, the Chevy Beast sports impressive off-road capabilities and an engine fit for a supercar. It's an impressive concept that fans will want to see become approved for production beyond the concept phase. Also, it looks nearly identical to a popular video game vehicle: Halo’s Warthog.
The Chevy Beast is a monstrous off-roader, equipped with the looks and power to be an excellent ride off the asphalt.

Power and performance of the Chevy Beast

Before we get into the striking visuals of the Chevy Beast, one aspect of the concept truck stands out, and that is its horsepower. The Chevy Beast produces a stunning 650 horsepower with its supercharged 6.2-liter V-8. For reference, the truck includes the same engine as the C7 Corvette Z06, a true supercar.
Along with its standout engine, the Chevy Beast is also built with off-road functionality in mind. Naturally, it is equipped with four-wheel drive, but it also has other features to set it apart from other trucks.
For its tires, the Chevy Beast sports 37-inch AMP Terrain Attack tires that can tackle tough off-road conditions. It has 13.5 inches of ride height to put it above both obstacles and the competition. Every inch of the Beast is designed with off-road performance in mind, including its unique suspension and dampers.
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The Beast has an eye-catching design 

Even before getting under the hood of the Chevy Beast, it is a concept truck that immediately captures attention through its futuristic design. Believe it or not, the Beast is based on the chassis of the Chevy Silverado, but little about the concept resembles the pickup. Instead, the Chevy Beast looks much more similar to something in science fiction. 
The Chevy Beast has drawn many comparisons with the Warthog from the Halo video games. The Warthog is a utility vehicle of the future, and the Beast bears a striking resemblance to it. Even compared to other vehicles with science fiction inspiration, like the
delayed Tesla Cybertruck
, the Chevy Beast’s uniqueness still stands out.
The interior of the Beast also keeps up the truck's impressive styling, and it includes four Recaro performance seats with four-point harnesses. Two 7-inch screens are included in the Beast's dashboard, which add functionality along with a futuristic aesthetic—they can track the Chevy's performance data.

Will consumers be able to drive a Chevy Beast?

The Chevy Beast was shown off recently at the SEMA Show. According to
, there is no announcement yet on whether this concept truck will be produced for consumers. 
If it is, though, one interesting thing to note is that it would not take much to make the off-road concept into a street-legal truck. It was revealed that only a few minor changes would need to be made to make the Beast a truck that could be driven on city streets.
Even though the Chevy Beast stands out among other vehicles, it is not the only performance truck. Manufacturers have been working to design and produce similar high-performance models of their trucks, such as the Ram 1500 TRX and the
Ford F-150 Raptor
. They might come with a little less design flair, though.
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