5 Pumpkin Spice Car Accessories Perfect for Fall

Isabel Armiento
· 3 min read
If you’re someone who always celebrates the start of fall with a pumpkin spice latte, then you might appreciate another marker of the season: pumpkin spice
car accessories
These five cute pumpkin spice car accessories are sure to put you in the mood for fall, without even setting foot in Starbucks. Who said that you couldn’t mix
car care
and pumpkin spice?!
Many of these products are made by Adam’s Polishes, a company that releases a host of limited-edition pumpkin spice car care products every year. Be sure to place your order early, however, as these tend to sell out quickly.
Pumpkin spice car accessories are perfect for fall.

Car accessory #1: Pumpkin spice air freshener

A pumpkin spice air freshener is the quickest way to transform your car into a fall wonderland. This
spiced pumpkin car air freshener
by Yankee Candle is sure to make you feel warm and cozy all fall long. The fragrance, which Yankee Candle describes as "pumpkins baked in simmering spices of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, and sweetened with brown sugar," lasts for 30 days and its strength can be adjusted. The air freshener clips easily onto your car’s vent.
If you want multiple options, you can also try out
Adam’s Autumn Trees Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener
. This product is offered by Adam’s Polishes, and is the company’s top-selling air freshener.
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Car accessory #2: Pumpkin spice car hanging ornaments

If you’re more into the fall aesthetic than the pumpkin spice smell, try out a cute fall-themed car hanging ornament.
While not exactly pumpkin spice, tons of
Halloween-themed car hanging ornaments
are pumpkin shaped, which is close enough. If hanging ornaments aren’t your preferred type of car décor, you could also check out some fall-themed
car magnets
to spruce up your car’s interior. (Get it? Because spruce is a type of tree?)

Car accessory #3: Pumpkin spice interior detailer

You can use this interior detailer to
clean and treat
interior surfaces in your car—and leave them smelling pleasantly like pumpkin spice. It’s perfect for use on dashboards, door panels, and other non-porous surfaces, and it's great at getting rid of dust.
Adam’s Pumpkin Spice Interior Detailer
is made by Adam’s Polishes, who have been proudly selling this bestselling seasonal product since 2015.

Car accessory #4: Pumpkin spice detail spray

Yes, this is yet another Adam’s Polishes product—Adam certainly likes his pumpkin spice car accessories.
Adam’s Pumpkin Spice Detail Spray
is a limited-edition waterless car wash spray. Its utilities include auto detailing, car wax protection, and clay bar lubricant. It can also be used to add gloss to car paint. This product can be used on any surface, including the windows or exterior of your car, and is streak-free.
The best part? All of these uses come with the added benefit of smelling like pumpkin spice. This product will definitely make
car maintenance
a much more pleasurable experience.

Car accessory #5: Pumpkin spice car care box

Finally, you can buy all these Adam’s Polishes pumpkin spice-themed car accessories in a single handy car care box.
Adam’s Pumpkin Spice Car Care Box Collection
easily takes the cake for pumpkin spice car accessories. It is a limited-edition car care kit that includes tools for car-washing and auto-detailing, such as a pumpkin spice interior detailer, a pumpkin spice car wax spray, and a pumpkin spice interior car seat cleaner.
With this car care kit, you can get all your fall cleaning done in one go—and have it all smell like pumpkin spice.

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