David Beckham Partners With Maserati While Doing Donuts in the New Levante

Andrew Koole
· 4 min read
Putting a celebrity in a commercial is not a new idea. Many of the most memorable car ads of the last decade feature a famous face, from Matthew McConaughey’s zen-like demeanor in Lincoln’s TV spots to
’s Boston-drawled "smart-park" campaign featuring Rachel Dratch, Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and David "Big Papi" Ortiz.
Now David Beckham adds himself to the list of stars who’ve lent their faces to automakers in his new partnership with Maserati.
The car company’s new ads promote its luxury SUV, the Levante. In the commercial, Beckham ignores his demanding schedule while ruining the expensive tires on his top-trim Levante with a series of impressively tight donuts. It’s an odd ad, but one that successfully communicates the brand’s "fearless" posture to its high-end audience.
David Beckham is teaming up with Maserati.

What we know about the 2022 Maserati Levante

Even David Beckham needs a way to escape the doldrum regularity of everyday life—or at least that’s what Maserati would like you to believe. The Italian car brand positions itself as that escape in its new ads featuring the Spice Girl spouse and former soccer pro.
The reality is not so ideal according to
Car and Driver
’s Drew Dorian, who gave the latest Levante a mediocre score of 5.5/10, landing it 27th within its class this year.
Dorian says the Levante’s unique styling and powerful engine options are impressive. But he docked marks for the SUV’s lack of cargo space, its parts-sharing with more affordable brands like Jeep and Chrysler, and the extreme amount of money required in order to access the power displayed in the ad starring Beckham.
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Similar luxury SUVs with better grades than the Maserati Levante

Instead of forking over $81,000 for the base model GT or a whopping $155,000 for the Levante Trofeo featured in the ad, Car and Driver’s scores point to three other well-established European brands and Hyundai’s luxury nameplate, Genesis.
The 2021 Genesis GV80, which starts at a much less stressful $50,000, got a perfect 10/10 score and was included in the car magazine’s "10 Best" list this year.
While the South Korean automaker’s first SUV doesn’t offer the same speed and power as its Italian counterpart, the upscale practicality of its interior and the relative affordability of its fully loaded trim earned it the "Editors’ Choice" award for its class.
Below the Genesis GV80, Car and Driver also listed the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, and Volvo XC90 as the best options for 2021 luxury midsize SUVs. All three vehicles received 9.5/10 scores for their stylish exteriors, elegant cabins, and progressive powertrain options.

The cost of owning a luxury SUV

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As you can see from the list of brands making luxury midsize SUVs, the model type can be used for a wide variety of lifestyles. Families willing to spend a little extra for a safe, stylish vehicle might buy a Volvo XC90 to drive kids to school and soccer games. Maserati did not put a 580 hp, twin-turbo, V8 engine in the Trofeo for errand running.
Because of the stark differences in their capabilities and purpose, expect
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prices to be vastly different between these vehicles. While other factors like driving history and ZIP code play a large role in determining your premium rates, a vehicle’s safety rating and powertrain can also have a significant impact on how much you pay.
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