Audi S5 vs RS5: Why the RS5 Will Cost You $20,000 More

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Carlos Kirby
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
has been synonymous with compact, luxurious, high-performance models since its inception. The A4 and A5 have been the prominent models, thanks to their
and wagon-like designs, respectively. When comparing the Audi S5 vs RS5, it’s apparent both
racing sports cars
are the brand’s long-awaited entry into the racing world. 
The S5 was the first of the racing cars. It has an athletic body and runs faster than earlier sedans. Later, the entry of the RS5 changed the game by offering better aerodynamics, speed, and performance.
While the Audi S5 costs around $52,895, the RS5 costs about $75,195. Most prospective car owners ask, "Is the RS5 worth the extra $20,000 over the S5?” Let's investigate below.
Is the Audi RS5 really worth 20 grand more than the capable S5?

Audi S5 vs RS5: How do they compare in performance?

The Audi S5 comes with a V6 turbocharged 2.9-liter engine. These are the same specs for the RS5, except that it comes with an extra turbo. If you check the performance numbers, the S5 delivers 349 horsepower with 369 lb-ft of torque, whereas the RS5 produces 444 horsepower with a whopping 443 lb-ft of torque.
states that you can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about 4.3 seconds with the S5 and just 3.8 seconds with the RS5. Both cars have a maximum speed of 155 mph. However, you can go up to 174 mph with the RS5 if you purchase the optional $3,500 Dynamic Package.
The performance difference between the two is too small to justify the extra premium for the RS5. We also don't think that an extra $3,500 is necessary for just a small increase in performance.
On the quality of the ride, the Audi RS5 has a sportier suspension with a lower center of gravity, while the S5 offers a softer suspension and steering. The difference is slightly noticeable, but it still does not justify the variance in prices.

Audi S5 vs RS5: The exterior is slightly different

Looking at the Audi S5 vs RS5, both are made from a similar chassis as the A5. Therefore, they look strikingly similar, but the S5 looks more like the A5.
If you look at them from the front, the RS5 has a uniquely-styled grille and a pronounced front bumper. However, the S5 has a less pronounced appearance, almost indistinguishable from the A5.
According to
Hot Cars
, the carmaker added a few functional vents and 19-inch wheels on the RS5. However, the S5 has 18-inch wheels and pretty good air circulation too. Beyond this, the Audi RS5 has skirts for aesthetics and better air curtaining.
From behind, the S5 has quad tailpipes, while the RS5 enjoys the signature dual-oval exhaust tips. Besides, the RS5 comes with a diffuser and lip spoiler. However, these two are more aesthetic than functional.

The interiors look similar

A comparison of the Audi S5 vs RS5 shows that both cars have similar interiors. Both have a similar feel, except different badges for each model put across the cabin. The upholstery is also similar for both, with charcoal black leather and white stitched edges.
These models have high-tech infotainment, with each sporting a 10.1 inch, high-mounted touchscreen. The system allows for both voice and manual operation for convenience and accepts CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.
Let's wrap up the Audi S5 vs RS5 battle. Both models are too similar to justify the $20,000 difference in price. However, if you are willing to pay the amount, the RS5 is a great racing car. Otherwise, the Audi S5 makes more sense to value seekers.
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