If a Car Falls in this Forest, Will Anyone Hear It?

Carlos Kirby
· 3 min read
has a long-standing reputation for being the home of fortune seekers. Whether it's gold in the hills or oil in the ground, treasure hunting in the Lone Star state has been part of its identity.
Recently, in the small town of Mabank, an abandoned junkyard was discovered that held a cache of
classic cars
investigates interesting car topics and here’s what we learned about this abandoned junkyard.
Around 1,000 classic cars were found in a forest junkyard in Texas.

A classic car forest

This abandoned junkyard doesn't have an official name, but it's best described as a "classic car forest." This is fitting since trees have returned to colonize the abandoned lot, and you can find high stacks of cars and parts.
What's so special about this junkyard? It’s massive. While there aren't exact details, the abandoned junkyard easily covers several acres and it may hold over 1,000 classic cars.
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Origins of the abandoned junkyard

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The classic car forest was discovered by the YouTube channel, "Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classic's." The video attracted over 30,000 views on a channel with 5,000 subscribers. The recording gives a first-person view of the car forest and the comments section is filled with timestamps identifying specific cars.
As the video grew in popularity, it caught the attention of media outlets like
. Yet, still little is known about the abandoned junkyard where at least hundreds of classics were left behind. The unknown origins of the car forest add mystique and excitement for enthusiasts.

What can be found in the classic car forest?

The classic car forest is located about an hour outside of Dallas. It’s not like other abandoned junkyards.
Nature has reclaimed this lot and erosion has made for some steep hills. There are walls of vegetation that have grown, forcing explorers to climb over cars or piles of parts. It’s not the safest place to visit and you can easily get lost.
None of the cars appear to be in drivable condition. Even if they were, hauling off any of the vehicles would be near impossible unless you have a small army of landscapers all armed with chainsaws and machetes.
It would also be difficult to retrieve any parts. The vegetation has grown so thick that there are a lot of tight fits, making it hard to use any tools. You’d have to do a lot of climbing and crawling just to get in and out.
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