You Can Get a ‘The Batman’ RC Batmobile From Hot Wheels for $500

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
Batman's newest crime-fighting movie won't be hitting the big screen until March of 2022. That doesn't mean fans can't get a head start on the anticipated buzz. The design team at Hot Wheels has done something no
car brand
could do justice to. already released a scaled-down version of an ominous Batmobile
muscle car enthusiasts
are sure to love.
The re-imagined
Hot Wheels model
may not be as exciting as the real thing. But the radio-controlled replica has enough real-life details and effects to keep it interesting. The Gotham City streets are safer with a superhero behind the wheel. Now you can be a small part of the action.
If you’re a fan of the Dark Night you can now get a replica Batmobile for $500.

This isn't just your ordinary Batmobile toy

The Hot Wheels RC Batmobile might look a little grittier and more worn than you would expect. But the 1:10-scale model is a deliberate attempt at authenticity and there is nothing wrong with that. The 20-inch long redesigned miniature wears the battle scars the franchise reboot features in its new movie, The Batman.
's glimpse of the movie trailer shows Robert Patterson's Batman charging through obstacles with the supercar rather than avoiding them. The Batmobile survives various attempts by Batman's enemies to destroy it, including the Penguin's unfulfilled quest to set the caped hero's wheels on fire. 
It is no wonder this muscled-up ride doesn't look as slick and shiny as its earlier versions. That doesn't mean Mattel's latest RC Batmobile is any less impressive. 
menacing-looking Hot Wheels
instead takes superhero crime-fighting to a whole new level. Its high-tech features and attention to detail will let you take your own imaginary Gotham City by storm.
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These fan-pleasing details make the new RC Batmobile roar

The designers at Hot Wheels didn't skimp when it came to showcasing the new Batmobile's awesome features. Not only does this wonder car boast a well-defined twin-turbo V8 engine, it includes a rocket booster in the middle of the exhaust piping. It is a power statement worth noting.
The replica model car has a full suspension component and enough special effects to warn the bad guys that Batman is in town. A cool mist-releasing tactical system is built-in at the rear of the car. It gives movie-loving fans images of the Batmobile's ominous emergence from the fog onto the dark streets of Gotham City. 
Working LED gauge lights, flame effects, and a roll cage in the interior complete this realistic interpretation of The Batman movie car. The RC Batmobile itself can reach top speeds of 13-15 mph and, after being fully charged, runs for approximately 20-25 minutes.

Is the new Hot Wheels RC worth the money?

The retail price for the newly-released, radio-controlled Batmobile is a whopping $500. For some, it may be well worth the cost. 
It includes a 6-inch Batman figurine ready to go in the driver's seat and a uniquely animated Batcave
parking garage
. The Caped Crusader steers the wheel and realistically moves as you control the action.
No, all that excitement and detail doesn't come cheap. But grown-up collectors seem eager to add this one-of-a-kind Batman memorabilia to their collections. Mattel is betting on it and began the pre-ordering process of the Hot Wheels RC The Batman Batmobile in October. 
The Batmobile joins Mattel's recent releases of other high-priced collectibles. They include a 1982 Gucci-inspired Cadillac Seville for $120 as well as a 3200-piece Tesla Cybertruck for a mere $250. All are available on the Mattel Creations website. The Batmobile might be more expensive, but its role in commemorating the franchise's movie history is priceless. 
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