Aptera Solar-Powered Vehicle Is Set to Impress

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
Meet Aptera, a San Diego-based car company with some very bold ambitions. While Aptera has yet to produce its first models available for purchase, it's hoping to make a splash in the
electric vehicle
(EV) market. Tesla and Rivian aren't the only big competitors in the EV space. 
Aptera has openly said they’re more willing to take risks than the
automotive giants of Detroit
, and it sure does show in their designs. 
Their three-wheeled cars look like something straight out of Star Wars and unlike anything else you would see on the road. Here’s what you need to know about this under-the-radar startup. 
The impressive Aptera looks like something out of science fiction.

The impressive specs of Aptera

When seeing an Aptera for the first time, it becomes quite clear that you have never seen a car like this before. This is intentional, but not for stylistic reasons. The designers of Aptera wanted to make a car that is as aerodynamic as possible. 
It is science, not aesthetics, that dictated the shape of Aptera's car. Additionally, consumers will love how the aerodynamic design impacts the car's range. A fully charged Aptera has a range of 1,000 miles, according to
Motor Trend
Currently, the best range vehicle on the market is the Tesla Model S Long Range, which has a range of only 405 miles, per
Car Magazine
. That gives Aptera more than double the range as the current best option. 
Aptera's biggest claim to fame isn't range, but rather its self-charging capabilities. Its roof contains solar power cells that charge the battery. While this will provide free energy, it isn't efficient enough to rely on solar power alone. 
For that reason, the Aptera will have a charge port just like all other electric vehicles. Theoretically, if a driver lives in southern California and only uses their car for commuting, they may never need to charge their Aptera. Everyone else should plan on charging at least a little.
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'Right to repair' for Aptera customers

Aptera's CEO Chris Anthony is a big proponent of the "right to repair." That's to say that owners should be allowed to easily repair their cars, without running into software locks that prevent "unauthorized" repairs. 
Anthony is putting his money where his mouth is, and will make it easier for Aptera owners to repair their vehicles. This includes the company disclosing all repair and service procedures online, so a car owner can easily follow instructions step by step. Aptera will also make individual parts easy to buy online.

When will the EV be available to buy?

Hopefully, we didn't get you too excited about Aptera, because it’s unclear when they will be available to purchase. Pandemic-related supply chain shortages caused major problems for Aptera just like every other company. 
If everything goes to plan, production will begin in 2022. Even when production starts, they have about 12,000 pre-orders to fulfill before the car will be available to the public. While the car sure is exciting, it won't be ready until at least next year.
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