Aaron Rodgers' Has An Oddball Car Collection

Hannah DeWitt
· 4 min read
Aaron Rodgers could be considered one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL. Despite the controversy that follows the Green Bay quarterback, we wanted to take a closer look at his
car collection
When most people think of Aaron Rodgers and cars, their mind immediately goes to his iconic
State Farm commercials
. While these are humorous and fun to watch during TV time-outs, we want to know what Rodgers has in his garage. With that said, here are our favorite cars that the three-time MVP drives, as reported by
Car Collector's Club
Rodgers received one of his cars as a prize for being the Super Bowl XLV MVP.

How Aaron Rodgers won a Camaro

What's better: winning the Super Bowl, or winning a Camaro? In Rodgers' case, he did both on the same day. On a wet February evening in Arlington, Aaron Rodgers went on to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay QB earned the title “Super Bowl MVP”. 
For being that year's MVP, Rodgers won a shiny new Chevy Camaro. The car was presented to him on the field during the celebration and would later become part of his Disney World victory parade.
Rodgers isn't seen driving the Camaro too often today, but rumor has it that he still owns it to remind him of his only Super Bowl victory to date. We wouldn't be surprised if Rodgers wins another Super Bowl very soon, given how his 2021 season is going. 
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The Aaron Rodgers F-150

While winning a Camaro sure is nice, how about getting an F-150 named in your honor? In 2011, Rodgers was featured in a Ford commercial that showed him completing a pass to a speeding F-150. The commercial was wildly popular, and Ford decided to mint a limited edition Aaron Rodgers Signature F-150. 
Specifically, it is similar to the SuperCrew Lariat trim with a beefier engine. It seems that only one was made, and it was sold by a Ford dealership in Wisconsin. Sadly, Rodgers only has his hands on a regular F-150, but who knows, maybe he’ll find the special edition one day.

Aaron Rodgers owns an Aston Martin? 

Out of all of Rodger's cars, his Aston Martin is absolutely the best. Except it really isn't an Aston Martin. Let us explain. 
Like any good QB, Rodgers makes sure that his offensive line is happy. This usually means buying them lavish Christmas gifts, like a top-of-the-line Polaris ATV. Rodgers is so gracious with his Christmas gifts to his linemen that he lamented that none buys him any gifts. 
The story goes that a teammate asked Rodgers what he wanted for Christmas. The QB jokingly said he wanted an Aston Martin, as reported by Car Collector's Club. Offensive tackle David Bakhtiari took it upon himself to give Rodgers an Aston Martin, kind of.
Bakhtiari bought the QB a custom golf cart with obviously fake Aston Martin badges mounted on the cart. To make it even more "luxurious," Bakhtiari had a fuzzy pink steering wheel installed on the cart. To make sure Rodgers wouldn't forget who bought him this wonderful gift, Bakhtiari had vanity plates attached that say "LUVN69," a reference to his jersey number. 

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