Are 6-Door Trucks a Real Thing?

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Nearly a decade ago, Chevy floated the idea of a six-door Suburban that caught the market's imagination. For heavy-duty families that need off-roading, cargo, and hauling capacity, the idea of a six-door
is more than a little interesting. 
But the six-door Chevy Suburban never manifested. In fact, there are no six-door trucks coming off any automaker’s production lines. But that doesn't mean they don't exist.
There aren’t any six-door pickup trucks coming off a production line, but they do exist.

Private conversion shops have been making six-door trucks for years

Aftermarket shops can help you modify your pickup into a six-door. Of course, stretching a truck is more than just a mod. It's a complete rebuild.
Stretching a truck into a six-door typically involves taking two different vehicle models and marrying their chassis to create a longer truck with extra seats and sets of doors. This is a common refit to create the "stretch limo" style of vehicles commonly used by hotels and convention centers for guest transport. 
It’s rarely done for individual owners, but it does happen. There's enough business to keep several private truck-stretching shops open across the country.
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Suburbans, Excursions, and F-250s

Most private shops have exactly one model they work on and specialize in stretching. They collect or build the parts necessary to create a smooth, new model that’s in line with the original manufacturer’s design. Right now, for example, there's a private shop in Guthrie, Oklahoma, that specializes in transforming Ford Excursions into six-door stretch models.
reports that the shop accomplishes its refit by marrying the Excursion model’s chassis with a newer Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup to get the extra length. Buyers bring their own Excursions and a Super Duty or rely on the local stockpile of Super Duty chassis, and the shop will perform the refit, according to MotorAuthority. The Guthrie shop makes about 40 six-door Excursion refits a year.
We've seen similar refits found in auctions including a six-door 2007 Chevy Suburban listed in Kennesaw, Georgia, spotted by
spotted an F-250 Super Duty Lariat that was T-boned then rebuilt with an old Excursion chassis to fit six doors and 11 people in the vehicle.

Nearly any truck can become a six-door for the right price

Of course, you're not limited to one shop and its specialty.
offers a unique service that refits heavy-duty trucks to include six doors and extra seating on almost any model you might want to stretch. Their signature, however, is that they always maintain the heavy-duty hauling capacity and even the length of the truck bed (often sacrificed for more passenger space).
Rather than specializing in a single type of rebuild. StretchMyTruck proudly states they can turn Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks into six-door truck limos with the same hauling and towing capacity that the truck had before. They also offer truck bed extensions.

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