5 Quick Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
, our mission is to make it easy for people to
save money
and time on car expenses. For us, it is all about making our customers’ days better, so naturally we can get behind any cause that brings a little positivity to the world.
When our friends at
asked us to join their "A Call for Kindness" campaign, we immediately said, "Yes!"
A simple act of kindness can turn any day around | Twenty20

What is the ‘A Call for Kindness’ campaign?

The campaign first launched in 2020—during a time when many felt like kindness was in short supply. Today, the campaign asks us to activate kindness, one act at a time, across America.
A Call for Kindness is based in science through a partnership with a research-led nonprofit called
. The organization educates and inspires people to choose kindness by helping build kinder classrooms, communities and companies.
As we join Verizon and its many partners in the campaign for kindness, at Jerry we’re proud to share that we will:
  1. Surprise 10 Jerry customers who need a dose of kindness with a $100 gift card through our customer service team
  2. Donate to Kindness.org to support their mission
  3. Encourage our employees to take the pledge and perform at least one act of kindness in the next 30 days
Interested in joining us in 'A Call for Kindness'? Here are five quick acts of kindness you can do today.
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Leave a kind letter on the windshield of a stranger's car

Usually a piece of paper on your windshield means a negative note or worse yet a
parking ticket
. You can surprise a stranger with a kind message instead. To spread a little extra kindness, prewrite positive messages on a stack of sticky notes and leave them in random places throughout the day.

Pick up groceries for a neighbor who doesn’t drive

Driving is a luxury and convenience not available to everyone, and places like the drug store or grocery market aren’t always within walking distance. Reach out to people you know in your neighborhood who might need help, and offer to run their errands.

Drive like everyone on the road is your best friend

This one is simple. Of course, you should stop to make sure pedestrians cross safely, drive the speed limit, and use your signal lights. The next time you drive, you can also be more mindful about honking aggressively, and let someone merge safely ahead of you.
If you’re already a great driver with
safe driving
habits, maybe you just want to share some smiles with nearby drivers at stoplights. You might encourage them to be more patient on the road as well.

Pay it forward at the gas station

Have a few dollars on hand? The next time you stop to fill up your tank, take a moment to run inside and pay for the next customer’s first gallon. Pro tip: If you don’t plan to stop at a gas station, you can pay it forward at other places like the car wash, drive-through, or restaurants.

Help a busy parent in a pinch

Know someone with kids? Chances are they could use an extra hand. You can offer to help with a school carpool or pick up their kids from soccer practice. If they don’t have any driving needs today ask how else you can help out the parents.
Feeling extra kind? Share this article with your loved ones! Join us in taking the #ACallForKindness pledge, and ask friends and family to do the same by visiting

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