4 Things That Impact Your EV Range

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
With more
electric vehicle
(EV) options on the market, many are considering making the switch from gas. But there’s one major factor that makes consumers hesitate: EV range.
network of EV chargers
is growing, but many potential buyers worry about the vehicles running out of energy.
Thankfully, technology is improving to give EVs better efficiency, and there are ways to maximize the range of your vehicle. According to
, four big factors can impact your electric car’s battery range.
Cold weather is one of the biggest factors that can decrease your electric car range.

Cold temperatures

Freezing temperatures have a substantial impact on EV range. Studies have found that cold weather can cause an EV’s expected range to drop up to 25%.
EV owners may experience slower charging in cold weather and fast charging works more efficiently in warm weather. You might want to opt for a newer EV since they have improved battery management technology that’s better at handling the cold.
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Using the heater or air conditioning

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Gas-powered vehicles currently have one technological advantage over EVs. The heating and
cooling systems
don’t affect mileage. In electric cars, the battery that powers the vehicle itself also powers heating and cooling.
This can mean that having the heat or air conditioning on while driving can negatively impact range. Significant heater use can even lower an EV's range by 41%.
Manufacturers are working to resolve this issue and developing new systems that don’t drop range. For now, EV owners can start heating or cooling their vehicle while it’s still plugged in to help get it to a comfortable temperature without losing range.

Acceleration and braking

Electric vehicles are outfitted with impressive regeneration technology, which can help drivers slightly recharge batteries while driving. When you’re not accelerating, an EV serves as a generator that converts energy into electricity.
As you get more familiar with your EV, you can try braking as much as possible by lifting off the accelerator. This can make a big difference in range if you have your highest regen setting on.
It won’t replace regular charging, but it will add range to an EV. Drivers can also see how much energy they’re getting from this through their vehicle's display.

Having an old electric car battery

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Think about the battery life of any device that you own. Your phone may only be a year old, but its battery only lasts a fraction of the time it originally did. While the changes in an EV battery will likely not be as severe or quick, they’ll lose capacity over time.
Another factor to consider with the age of your battery is how the maximum range of an EV is constantly improving. An EV from the current model year will likely have a higher range than a vehicle from last year. Buying a used EV may be cheaper, but it might not have the most up-to-date battery technology or the best range.
The range of EVs is always improving, but it’ll take time for consumers to build enough confidence to switch. In the meantime, understanding these factors can help EV drivers get the most range.
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