The 2021 Honda Pilot vs Honda Passport

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 4 min read
When you are looking for a
family friendly vehicle
, you can't go wrong with
. The company has
two of the best 2021 hybrids
and has been around a long time.
Honda’s SUVs are also fine, and the Pilot and Passport are good examples. Choosing between one of these two cars will be difficult, so Consumer Reports has compared them.
The 2021 Pilot scored higher on ride and comfort.

Honda Pilot vs Honda Passport specs

Consumer Reports
lists the Pilot as 197 inches long, 79 inches wide, and 71 inches tall. The Passport is just as wide, but it is slightly shorter at 191 inches long. It is an inch taller, too.
Despite the slight difference in body size, the leg room in the front seat for both vehicles is a roomy 41 inches. The rear leg room of the Passport is slightly bigger at 30 inches, but it lacks a third seat.
The Pilot has a maximum load of 1,340 pounds, and that is way more than the 950 pounds that the Passport can hold. The Pilot has a cargo capacity of 48 cubic feet, and the Passport can only hold 39 cubic feet. However, they are both meant to tow up to 5,000 pounds.
They have the same safety technology such as forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection as standard features. Only blind spot warning and rear cross traffic warning were optional for either car.
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Honda Pilot vs Honda Passport performance and mileage

Consumer Reports rates a
car's reliability
on a scale of zero to five, and the Passport scored only a two. The Pilot got a three. Both scored a mere three out of five for routine handling and emergency handling.
When they tested the cars on the avoidance maneuver course, the Pilot had to slow down to 49.5 mph to pass it. The Passport could go 53.5 mph before it started failing the course.
For acceleration, the Pilot gets from zero to 60 mph in seven and a half seconds and the Passport takes six and four tenths of a second. This is why the Passport completed the quarter mile race in 15 seconds, and the Pilot did it in 15.9 seconds.
The Pilot was slower to brake, coming to a stop on a dry surface from 60 mph after 136 feet, and the Passport took only 135 feet under the same conditions.
When the surface was wet, the Pilot came to a complete stop in 153 feet, and the Passport took 143 feet. The Pilot headlights rated only a two out of five, compared to the Passport's three out of five too.
They both hold 19.5 gallons of gas, but the Pilot had an overall mileage of 20 mpg. The Passport did slightly better with 21 mpg. They got a three out of 10 on their smog rating and three out of 10 for greenhouse gas emissions.

Honda Pilot vs Honda Passport: What is the better deal?

Consumer Reports collated all the safety, reliability, and road test data to give the Honda Pilot an overall score of 72 and the Passport an overall score of 64.
Both vehicles scored well in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rollover and crash tests. The Pilot and Passport have a similar price range as well. The Passport is priced between $32,790 and $44,180, and the Pilot costs between $32,550 to $50,220.
The difference seems to be the Pilot scoring higher on ride and comfort. Its transmission got a five out of five, and seat comfort was rated high. The Pilot can also carry more, which probably counts for a great deal when you are looking for an SUV.
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