Summit Fire Protection Review

Summit makes fire protection services such as fire extinguisher training and sprinkler and fire alarm inspections available to businesses all around the country.
Written by Andrew Biro
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Summit offers a range of professional fire protection services to businesses, restaurants, warehouses, and factories throughout the eastern United States, providing everything from basic fire extinguisher inspections to engineering and consulting services.
According to the
National Fire Protection Association
(NFPA), 80% of all fire-related deaths in the United States occur in the home, and an average of seven people die in house fires each day. This makes it incredibly important to have the right insurance coverage—but also to invest in professional fire protection. For businesses and homeowners alike, Summit Fire Protection is among the best there is.
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, the licensed
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What type of business is Summit Fire Protection?

By and large, Summit Fire Protection is a business that specializes in, well, fire protection services—that seems obvious, we know, but Summit is a company wholly dedicated to offering fire protection and life safety solutions.
Based in
and founded in 1999, Summit is the nation’s leading fire protection service provider in the Great Lakes region, offering life safety and fire protection solutions to restaurants, multi-family dwellings, warehouses, industrial facilities, office buildings, and more.
Some of Summit’s core services include:
  • Fire protection engineering and consulting 
  • Installation of fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Routine inspection and testing of fire protection services
  • Fire protection maintenance and servicing
  • Monitoring of security and fire protection systems
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What fire protection services does Summit offer?

In total, Summit offers nine categories of fire and security-related protection services, ranging from simple fire alarm installation and monitoring to the installation and testing of special hazard systems.
For a comprehensive breakdown of the services Summit offers, see the list below:
  • Fire sprinkler systems: When it comes to fire sprinklers, Summit offers engineering and consulting, installation, inspection and testing, and maintenance services.
  • Fire alarms: If you need help planning the layout of fire alarms, need them installed, tested/inspected, serviced, and/or monitored, Summit has you covered.
  • Fire extinguishers: Summit can help you install fire extinguishers and routinely inspect and test them—or even train you on how to use one.
  • Special hazards: If you’re dealing with special circumstances and require fire suppression, leak detection, or other hazard systems, Summit will help you install, inspect, and maintain them.
  • Kitchen and paint booths: Whether you need to protect against grease fires, chemical paint fires, or even vehicle fires, Summit can provide installation, inspection, maintenance, and monitoring services.
  • Industrial systems: Summit will help engineer, install, and test fire protection systems for large industrial facilities.
  • Rack storage: Customers needing fire protection services for large distribution centers, warehouses, and automated rack storage facilities can count on Summit for help with engineering, installation, and testing.
  • Engineering and consulting: Employing a team of professional code consultants, Summit can help you navigate building and fire codes, building regulations, and more.
  • Security and monitoring: Summit also offers a wide range of security services, including installing and monitoring CCTV, burglar alarms, and access control panels.
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What makes Summit’s fire protection services unique?

Among the many companies providing fire protection services, Summit stands out in three categories: high levels of expertise, engineering and design consultation services, and industry-specific specialization

Guaranteed expertise

Across all the services they provide, Summit employs highly trained and certified experts to get the job done, putting you at ease knowing you’re getting the best technicians available. With a long history of successful installations and a solid track record, rest assured that any services you employ Summit for will be executed at the highest level of expertise.

Design & engineering consultation

While Summit is best known for its installation, testing, and monitoring services, they also offer design and engineering consultations. If you need help navigating your city and state’s fire safety codes, building codes, and building regulations, Summit’s team of professional code consultants can assist in planning and design to ensure your building meets all fire safety requirements.

Industry-specific specialization

Summit Fire Protection is also equipped to deal with all sorts of industry-specific fire-related concerns, ranging from restaurant grease fires to industrial plant chemical fires. Whether you need a specialized suppression system or require leak detection for special hazards, Summit can provide the services you need.

The downside: few locations

Unfortunately, Summit Fire Protection does not have locations in all fifty states—in fact, they only operate in eight states as of 2022, primarily around the Great Lakes region of the United States.
You’ll have to live in either
North Dakota
South Dakota
, or
if you want to take advantage of the services Summit offers.

How fire protection could save you money on home insurance

Fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your home, putting you, your family, and your belongings at extreme risk—which is why it’s so important to have a good quality
or homeowners insurance policy protecting you. Below you’ll find a few examples of how that insurance can help cover the costs associated with house fires:
  • Liability coverage will help minimize legal costs if you are determined to be at fault for the fire.
  • Main dwelling coverage can help cover the costs of rebuilding in the case of extreme fires.
  • Personal property coverage for your home or rental property can help replace clothing, furniture, electronics, and other belongings destroyed by fire.
  • Additional living expenses coverage can help with the cost of hotel rooms, food, and other loss-of-use expenses if your home is damaged by fire and requires repairs.
Unfortunately, however, that coverage can come at a high price—the average cost of homeowners insurance is roughly $1,700 a year, while renters insurance averages out to approximately $170 a year. Thankfully, it is possible to lower your premium, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by installing fire protection systems, lowering any fire-related risks.
One of the most important factors that insurance companies consider when determining your premium is the level of risk associated with your property, which means they’ll take your home’s fire safety measures into account. Even something as simple as the distance from your home to the nearest fire station can influence the rate you’ll pay.
Some of the easiest ways to earn a discount are by:
  • Installing
    smoke detectors
    and/or fire extinguishers
  • Installing a fire alarm that directly contacts emergency services to shorten response time
  • Utilizing fire-resistant materials when building your house
  • Purchasing a sprinkler system to reduce the potential damage of house fires
Of course, different insurance companies offer
different discounts
, so it’s always best to check with your insurer for a complete rundown of your options. It’s also recommended to compare several companies’ rates and discounts to find the best deals possible—something
can help with.

How to save money on homeowners insurance

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renters insurance
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