Lake County, Ohio Property Tax

In Lake County, Ohio, the property tax rate is one of the highest in the country, falling at 1.54%.
Written by Lindsey Hoover
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Lake County’s property tax rate is 1.54%, meaning residents pay an average of $2,433 (or 3.82% of their income) each year on their property
Property taxes can play a huge part in deciding where to relocate or build a home. One way to make the home-buying process easier is by staying informed on state and county-specific tax responsibilities. 
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Property tax 101

Need a refresher on property taxes? Here’s everything you need to know: 
  • Property taxes help fund community services (like education) and are allocated by the local government 
  • Property taxes usually apply to real property like homes and land
  • A local tax assessor determines your property taxes based on market values and the local tax rate
  • Market conditions and local budgets can cause property taxes to fluctuate often 
Property taxes are essentially how the local government funds community services and projects
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What is the property tax rate in Lake County?

In Lake County, residents pay an average tax rate of 1.54% of a property’s assessed fair market value, or about 3.82% of their yearly income. That means you’re looking to pay about $2,433 a year in property taxes if you reside in this Buckeye county. 
Check out the
Lake County website
to learn about how the Treasurer’s Office supports you and your community. 

How Lake County property taxes are determined

Lake County property taxes are determined by the County Treasurer on a property-by-property basis
The county treasurer manages your property taxes and calculates the amount owed each year based on the property’s fair market value. If you make any improvements or additions to your home, it may increase the property’s appraised value. This means the amount of taxes may also increase.
As a property owner in Lake County, you have the option to appeal an assessment made by the county’s tax assessor. If you believe you were incorrectly charged and would like to request a reassessment, contact the
Lake County Treasurer's Office
If the property you own in Lake County is your primary residence, you can apply for a homestead exemption. Call the
Lake County Treasurer's Office
to learn more about the program and other discounts, like the Military Tax Deferment. Also, be sure to see if you qualify for a full or partial deduction for your county property taxes on your
Ohio income tax return

What do Lake County property taxes pay for? 

Lake County allocates property taxes to the following community projects and services: 
  • Roadway maintenance 
  • Public Transportation
  • Law enforcement
  • Public libraries
  • Public health
  • Building safety
  • School districts and education
  • Infrastructure
  • Municipal government projects
Property taxes in Lake County are used for local projects and services and are never allocated to the Ohio state or federal budget.
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How to pay property taxes in Lake County 

Lake County property taxes are due two times each year: by February 16th for the 1st half of the tax year and by July 22nd for the 2nd half of the tax year
Residents of Lake County, you have
a few options
to choose from when it comes to submitting your property taxes. You can pay in person, by mail, at the bank, or online. Details on how are below: 
  • In-person: You can pay in person via dropbox, drive-thru, or by visiting the Treasurer's Office: 105 Main Street, Plainsville, OH, 44077. Check out the
    Lake County Treasurer’s Office’s website
    for detailed directions and hours of operation.
  • By mail: Make checks payable to the Lake County Treasurer and mail it to: Lake County Treasurer, 105 Main Street, P.O. Box 490, Plainsville, OH, 44077. Be sure to postmark your payments by February 16th for the 1st half of the tax year and by July 22nd for the 2nd half of the tax year.
  • By bank: You can set up online bill pay with your bank. Make sure to use your 13 alphanumeric parcel numbers as your account number. This ensures your payment is credited properly and will help you avoid fines. More details on setting up
    online bill pay through your bank here
  • Online: Property taxes can be paid via credit card or e-checks. Visit the
    online portal
    , fees will apply. 

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Lake County property taxes are due by February 16th for the 1st half of the tax year and by July 22nd for the 2nd half of the tax year.
Lake County property tax bills will be mailed to you each year. If for some reason you don’t receive your bill, call the Treasurer's Office (440-350-2516) immediately.
Property taxes in Lake County are some of the highest in the country, averaging at about $2,433 a year.
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