Property tax in Clark County, Arkansas

Clark County property tax is lower than the national average at 0.59%.
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Property tax rates in Clark County, Arkansas are assessed at 0.59% of the property’s value. In this county, residents spend about 1.1% of their annual income on property tax. Property taxes are due on October 15th each year. 
One of the biggest recurring costs associated with homeownership is property tax. Your first year of property tax is paid as part of the closing fees of your mortgage, but after that, it is your responsibility to pay it on time every year. 
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Property tax 101 

Property tax is a fee assessed by the local government and paid by a landowner, based on the value of the property they own. Property tax is assessed annually, and can fluctuate based on the current value of your home. 
The average American household spends about $2,400 per year on property taxes, but the actual cost varies greatly by state and county. Currently,
New Jersey
residents have the highest property tax rates—2.49% of their property value, whereas those who live in
pay the lowest at 0.28%.
Property taxes are collected and used to improve local infrastructure, including roads, water and sewage systems, emergency services, and public services like education and libraries. 

What is the property tax rate in Clark County, Arkansas?

In 2022, the Clark County property tax rate is 0.59%, which is much lower than the national average, but slightly higher than the state average, which is 0.52%. Property owners in Clark County pay an average of $464 per year for their property tax bill. 
The amount you pay will depend on the current value of your home, so even if the tax rate stays the same, your amount owed may change from year to year. 

How Clark County property taxes are determined

Clark County Assessors will update property values annually. Homeowners in Clark County are required to assess their property by May 31st every year. Once your property is assessed, assessors will calculate your tax bill and send you a
Property Tax Statement
. You should receive this statement by July 1st every year. This tax bill needs to be paid by October 15th of the following year.
Clark County assessors provide property tax information based on the statistical median of all the taxable properties in the county. The median Clark County property value is $78,900.
Individual property tax bills are calculated by multiplying the current Arkansas millage rate by the total assessed value. 
A mill is equal to 1/1000, or one-tenth of a percent. So if your tax rate is 10 mills and your assessed value is $20,000, your Arkansas property tax bill would be $200.

What do Clark County property taxes pay for? 

Property tax in Clark County is a major source of income for local governments. This revenue is used to finance education, roads, hospitals, libraries, public safety, and the general operation of county and city governments, including salaries for elected officials. 
Clark County property tax is nearly always used for local projects and does not go into state and federal budgets. 

How to pay property taxes in Clark County 

There are multiple ways to pay your property tax in Clark County—you can take care of your bill online, by mail, or in person. Read on to find out how. 
  • Online: Go to the
    Clark County tax collector’s payment website
    . From this site, you can pay your tax bill, view instructions about how to find your parcel number, and the date your property tax is due. If your account is past due, you will not be able to use the online option 
  • By mail: Send a check or money order to Clark County Tax Collector's Office c/o Jason C. Watson, Sheriff and Tax Collector 401 Clay St, Arkadelphia, AR 71923
  • In person: Bring your check or money order to the cashier’s window at the address above 

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Property taxes in Clark County are due by October 15th every year. If your tax payment is delinquent, there will be fees added.
Your tax statement should be delivered in the mail by July 1st every year.
is an example of what it looks like. If you do not receive a copy, you can contact the
County Assessor’s Office.
Property taxes in Clark County are 0.59% which is well below the national average. However, since the average household income is lower than the national average, Clark County residents pay about 1.1% of their annual income to property tax.
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