Toyota Tacoma Wheelbase

The Toyota Tacoma’s wheelbase starts at 127.4 inches, giving it a solid handle on the road.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The wheelbase is one of the top dimensions to pay attention to if you want to know how your car will handle the road. Those in the market for a
Toyota Tacoma
will be pleased to learn its current generation’s wheelbase range is quite solid, starting at 127.4 inches.
When we’re presented with a neverending list of vehicle specs, our eyes can glaze over. There are so many numbers and impressive-sounding, yet incredibly abstract, adjectives. We might recognize a few terms here and there—ground clearance, engine, towing capacity, etc. But what about the lesser-known figures? 
Wheelbase may not be a hot topic of conversation, but it can tell you a lot about your ride. Here to crack open the conversation for you is your favorite
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and car insurance expert,
. We’ve gathered all you need to know about the Taco’s wheelbase: some figures, definitions, pros and cons, and even a comparison of other models' specs.
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What is the wheelbase of a Toyota Tacoma?

This measurement ultimately depends on your trim. The 2022 Toyota Tacoma SR trim starts with a wheelbase of 127.4 inches. That number offers you decent handling. If you upgrade to a higher trim, that figure can jump up as high as 140.6 inches.
That upgrade might sound intuitive—bigger equals better, right? Maybe—let’s break down how your vehicle’s wheelbase plays into your driving preferences.

Why is wheelbase important?

Let’s start with some definitions. What is the wheelbase? Simply put, it’s the distance between a vehicle’s front and back axle—the length from the spoke of the front to back tire.
This measurement can be helpful to keep in mind when parallel parking. It’s also a good indicator of your vehicle’s interior. The shorter your wheelbase, the less space there is in the cabin. The less space there is in the cabin, the less space there is for you and your cargo.
The wheelbase also impacts your steering and safety. When you’ve got a longer wheelbase, you’ve got more control over your vehicle’s pitch and roll(think truck). On the flip, a shorter wheelbase is better suited for sharp turns at high speeds (think sports car).
Key Takeaway An underdog of the spec world, the wheelbase can indicate a vehicle’s cabin space and handling of road conditions.
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How has the wheelbase changed over the Toyota Tacoma model years?

Now back to the Taco! With each new generation of Tacoma, the model is tweaked, as its wheelbase.
Let’s take a look at how the spec has changed over the years:
  • First generation (1999 to 2006): 128.3 inches to 140.5 inches
  • Second generation (2007 to 2001): 126.8 inches to 164.6 inches
  • Third generation (2022 to present): 145.7 inches to 157.7 inches
The range presented here is due to differences in trim levels. Each generation has offered drivers something a bit bigger when opting for a double cab. But across the board, the range has increased quite a bit. 
Since the first generation, the starting wheelbase has shot up by close to ten inches!

How does the Toyota Tacoma wheelbase compare to other models?

There’s only one other truck model in the Toyota lineup, their golden child, the
. The Tundra is generally preferred by Car and Driver, with a rating of 8/10. For reference, they give the Tacoma a 6.5/10. 
The standard Tundra costs about $10,000 more than the standard Tacoma, but when it comes to the wheelbase, these vehicles are pretty similar.
Check out the Tundra’s specs:
Cab size
Toyota Tundra
6.5 ft. Double Cab
145.7 inches
Toyota Tundra
8.1 ft. Double Cab
164.6 inches
Toyota Tundra
5.5 ft. CrewMax
145.7 inches
Toyota Tundra
6.5 ft. CrewMax
157.7 inches
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Long wheelbase vs. short wheelbase: which is better?

As is so often the case, there is no objective take on which is “better” when it comes to the wheelbase. It depends on what you’re looking for in a vehicle.
A longer wheelbase will give you more space in the cabin for comfort, passengers, and cargo. It can also increase your safety on the road: the longer your wheelbase, the better your weight distribution. If you want something zippy, then a shorter wheelbase—often found in sports cars and hatchbacks—might be better for you.

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