Should You Take the Porsche Macan Off Road?

Bring the 2022 Porsche Macan with you on your next backcountry trip, but don’t expect to pull any stunts!
Written by Christelle Agustin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The sporty
Macan has both the looks and the muscle to take on off-road getaways—but don’t get too carried away! Moderately rocky ground is perfect for the Macan, while serious rock crawling is out of the question. 
Daily commutes can be mind-numbing. Sometimes you just need a little more oomph. That’s where off-roading comes in. But before you hit the trails, you’ll need to find a vehicle that sports essential off-roading specs, like a good amount of torque and high enough ground clearance. 
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Can the Porsche Macan go off road?

Yes—to an extent! The Porsche Macan does the SUV right, with a 0 to 60 time of 5 seconds and 261 horsepower @ 5,000 rpm thanks to its base inline-four engine. 
Starting at $56,250, the Macan’s streamlined design combines sporty with luxurious in a neat crossover package. Let’s take a look at what makes the Macan the perfect off-road vehicle and how it compares to its competitors, from

Ground clearance

Before you head out, you’ve got to know the measurement between your car’s undercarriage and the ground, also known as its ground clearance. The ideal ground clearance for off-road vehicles is between 8.8 to 10.8 inches.
The Porsche Macan’s ground clearance is 7.9 inches, which is just one inch away from being perfect for light off-roading. With the Macan, you’ll only get away with traversing rocky roads. 
Bigger obstacles like boulders? Steer clear if you don’t want damage. 


Off-roading has little to do with speed. Getting out of sticky situations and overcoming bumpy hills is a slow go.
That said, good off-roading vehicles require high low-end torque. You’ll need sufficient power at low speeds. 
Luckily, the Porsche Macan has what it takes with an output of 295 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm. Nice!


The Macan is customized in every way, down to the tires. In the front, you’ll find a pair of 235/55R19 tires, and in the back, 255/50R19 tires. Both sets are made for all-season driving.
For off-roading,
all-terrain tires
(aka A/T tires) are recommended. Their tread patterns grip the ground and prevent slips and skids. Whether you’re trekking through mud or crawling through the mountains, A/T tires are your best bet, so be sure to swap yours out if you intend to hit the trails.
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You’re in luck: the Porsche Macan comes in all-wheel drive, which is exactly what’s needed for effective off-roading! With all-wheel drive, all four wheels are automatically engaged. 
This is crucial to make sure you can apply power where you need it.


Off-roading will put your Macan at odd angles with the ground. Here are the two angles you need to know about: 
  • Approach angle: The maximum angle at which a vehicle can climb without interference 
  • Departure angle: The maximum angle at which a vehicle can descend without interference
The Macan’s angles are 16.8 and 23.5 degrees, respectively. 
So if you’re taking on an incline, you can only do so at a maximum of 16.8 degrees—any higher and your front bumper will make contact with the hill. On the other hand, driving downhill can only be done at a maximum angle of 23.5 degrees until your rear bumper drags against the ground. 
Better approach and departure angles for off-roading measure in the 30s and 40s.

Off-road rating: Rough and Ready

Let’s analyze the Porsche Macan’s off-road rating to see how it stacks up against
very own DIRT off-road rating system:
Don’t Try It
Vehicles better suited to highway conditions
In a Pinch
Vehicles that can handle off-road conditions in certain circumstances
Rough and Ready
Vehicles designed for casual off-roading
Trail Boss
True off-road vehicles capable of tackling a range of terrain
And the verdict is in… The Porsche Macan receives an R rating—Rough and Ready.So, what are you waiting for? Get out there! 
While you shouldn’t expect to tackle the rockiest of environments due to the Macan’s insufficient ground clearance and less-than-stellar angles, light rock crawling and gravel trails are totally doable. 
With that said, if you’re craving more adrenaline, you’ll have to find a true off-road vehicle.

The best off-road alternatives to the Porsche Macan

Look no further if you want a vehicle that can take on both paved and dirt roads because the Porsche Macan can. It may not be ready for hardcore adventures, but you shouldn’t rule it out. 
However, if you’re a true off-road junkie, here are the best alternatives to the Porsche Macan that may suit your needs better:
Best affordable alternative
2022 BMW X3
Just as classy as the Macan but at a cheaper price tag, the X3 starts at almost $10K cheaper. Coming in an 8-speed shiftable automatic with 258 lb-ft @ 1,450 rpm of torque, you’ll be leveling up your off-roading opportunities with the X3.
Best eco-friendly alternative
2022 Genesis GV70
The V6-engine GV70 gets an EPA-estimated 21 mpg combined, which saves more on gas than the V6 Macan.
Best alternative for serious off-roading
2022 Tesla Model Y
The Model Y combines eco-friendly and off-roading power in a single model. While its ground clearance comes in shorter at 6.6 inches, its all-electric range reaches an incredible 330 miles.
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