These Are the Secret BMW Key Fob Tricks You Need to Know

Did you know your BMW’s key fob can open and close all of your windows from outside? Learn about this function and other BMW key fob tricks.
Written by Mariza Morin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 17, 2023
Does your BMW key fob have a dead battery? No problem—there’s a mechanical key hidden inside! Learn how to access it, along with other BMW key fob hacks, in this guide.
As vehicles come equipped with more and more technology every year, it can be hard to keep up with the latest features. But if you’re simply using your key fob to lock and unlock your BMW, then you’re missing out. Use your key fob for essential functions like opening and closing your windows, mirror folding, and uncovering your secret key blade. 
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How to find the hidden key in your BMW key fob

Ever been locked out of your BMW just to realize that your key fob’s battery is dead? Many of us have been there! But there’s a surprisingly easy solution—there’s actually a hidden key inside your fob. 
If you’re stuck with a dead key fob, you can still unlock your BMW. Just hold and press the key release tab at the bottom of the key fob near the key chain, then simply slide the mechanical key out. Now go to the driver’s side door, unlock it like you normally would with a traditional key, and voila! You got it open and now you’re ready to hit the road.

How to start a BMW when your key fob battery is dead

Now that you’ve made it inside your BMW, all you have to do is insert your key fob in the ignition. If your vehicle doesn’t have an ignition slot, then hold your key fob right up to the key markings on the side of the steering column. Then simply hit the start/stop button on your BMW’s dashboard and your car should start instantly. 
Once you get your BMW started, this might be a good time to head to the store to buy a new replacement CR2032 or CR2450 battery!

How to enable BMW key fob tricks

Now that you know your key fob is capable of more than just locking and unlocking your vehicle, you should make sure that all key fob hacks are enabled through your BMW’s operating system 
With your BMW key fob, you’re able to perform several convenient functions like remote starting your vehicle. Before you can perform this task, ensure you have the “Remote Engine Start” function enabled with these step-by-step instructions:
  • Go to your touchscreen display and press “Car”, then go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Climate Comfort”, then press “Preconditioning/Ventilation”
  • Press “Remote Start Engine”, then hit “Starting Engine for Climate Control”
  • Click on “OK” and you should be good to go!
Let’s now go over a few of the most vital hacks every BMW owner should be aware of. 

BMW key fob basics: remote start, unlock, and lock

Let’s start with the very basics that your BMW key fob has to offer. Here’s how to use your key fob for these three basic functions: 
  • To start your BMW remotely, all you have to do is press three times within one second for your engine to turn on. 
  • To unlock your BMW, hit the unlock symbol once. 
  • To lock your BMW, hit the lock button once. 

How to lower all your BMW’s windows from outside

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s go on to more advanced functions. To roll down all your windows from the outside of your BMW, merely press and hold the unlock button on your key fob for a few seconds. Once you let go of the button, the windows will stop. 
If you have a sunroof, keep pressing down on the unlock button for a few more seconds and the sunroof will open until you release the unlock button. And just like that—fresh air!
Closing your windows is just as easy. Simply press the unlock button and hold it for a few seconds until all your windows start to close completely. 

How to fold side mirrors away from outside

Do you have trouble fitting your full-size
SUV into tight squeezes like a garage? No sweat—that’s why your BMW features a mirror folding function that you can activate with your key fob. All you have to do is press the lock on the fob key to fold in your vehicle’s mirrors. 
If you have an older BMW model, you may have to program this feature first by going to your menu settings and selecting “doors and keys.” Then click on “fold mirrors in when locked” and then “unlock at the end of the trip.” Once you enable this function, your mirrors will fold in once you lock your vehicle, then they’ll fold out when you unlock it. 

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