Which Fiats Have a Manual Transmission?

Fiat only has one option with a manual transmission, the crossover 500X.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
As the car world moves quickly towards an all-automatic transmission future, Fiat is almost there—the crossover 500X is the only available vehicle in Fiat’s lineup with an optional manual transmission.
If your heart is set on driving a stick-shift Fiat, you’ve only got one option—the crossover 500X. Nowadays, almost 99% of all new cars sold in the U.S. are automatics, so the manual 500X is indeed one of the last of a dying breed. 
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Does Fiat still make a manual?

Yes, it does, but the 500X remains the sole manual transmission option in the Italian automaker’s lineup. 
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Starting price: $27,300
The Fiat 500X is a charming and stylish crossover, great for collecting oohs and ahhs while zipping down the street and for family trips (the rear seats will fit the kids, but are tight for adults).
The 500X features a 1.3 L 4 cylinder engine, with 177 horsepower and decent power, if not breathtaking speed. And yes, there is the option of a six-speed manual transmission, for those of you eager to manually move your way up and down the strada in your adorable SUV.

Benefits and drawbacks of a manual transmission

Manual transmission vehicles are fun to drive, but they do carry some drawbacks along with all those advantages. 
  • Pro: Manual cars are almost always less expensive than automatics.
  • Pro: Your stick-shift ride is less likely to be stolen, because between 44% and 84% of U.S. drivers do not know how to drive manual.
  • Pro: Repair costs for manual cars usually cost less.
  • Pro: Manuals are much more fun to drive.
  • Con: Driving manual in stop-and-go traffic is not fun.
  • Con: Driving stick is challenging, and with fewer manual cars on the road, getting opportunities to do so will dwindle.
  • Con: Nowadays, automatic cars get better fuel efficiency than manual ones.
Key Takeaway Manual transmission cars are a pleasure to drive, are cheaper, and carry lower repair costs, but they can be harder to find.
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How to find affordable Fiat insurance

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Ultimately, this depends on you. If you are keen on driving stick-shift, then you’ll likely benefit from cheaper overall prices and lower than average maintenance costs. However, you’ll have a much smaller choice of new vehicles to choose from, as almost all new cars come with automatic transmissions.
Manual Fiats usually carry lower maintenance costs, and manual transmissions are built more simply than automatics, and thus easier to repair.
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