Which Nissans Have a Manual Transmission?

Nissan has at least three manual transmission models, including the Versa, 370Z, and Frontier.
Written by Cassandra Hamilton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
As of 2021, you can still find three Nissan manual transmission models available—though they’re not all new 2021 makes. Manual transmissions are dwindling in popularity so you might not see them on the production line in the future.
Car enthusiasts generally prefer manual to automatic transmissions, though they might have to switch to automatic one day—99% of all new cars sold in 2019 had automatic transmissions. 
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, too! We’ll be talking about the three Nissan makes you can still find new (or relatively new) with manual transmissions—the 370Z, the Versa, and the Frontier.
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Does Nissan still make a manual? 

Yes. You can still find manual transmissions in two brand-new Nissan models—the 370Z and the Versa. Nissan is known for its affordable cars, and the Versa doesn’t disappoint on this front. For those of you looking for something sportier, the 370Z is sure to scratch your manual transmission itch without breaking the bank.
 It’s hard to say how much longer Nissan will keep its manual transmission offerings in production. In fact, it has already begun to discontinue some models—2019 was the last year a manual Frontier was produced. For now, though, it seems like Nissan plans to keep the Versa and Z series in production.
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Starting price: $30,090
 In the future, Nissan will drop the numeric on its
and instead release a flat “Z-series.” Until then, keep your eye on the sporty 370Z. This affordable sports car may not be as competitive as some of its pricier counterparts, but it delivers on the thrill of a manual gearbox.
The 370Z has a 3.7-liter V6 engine that gets 332 to 350 horsepower. It’s also the only remaining rear-wheel-drive sports car on the market. The 370Z is available as a coupe, and the six-speed manual transmission can be found in most trim levels. 
You can get a 370Z now or continue to hold out for the remodeled Z series. If you do end up waiting for the Z series to drop, you may be able to save big on a still-new, but old-fashioned, 370Z.


Starting price: $16,205
is Nissan’s most affordable sedan. This
subcompact car
makes your daily errands comfortable and efficient, and the highway mileage (40 mpg!) will more than make up for what it lacks in style. Every new Versa comes equipped with impressive comfort and safety features.
This little car is budget-friendly and comes equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive. The horsepower isn’t terrific (122 horsepower), but it’s more than enough to get you through a day of commuting and running errands. Plus, it’s one of the few cars still offered with a manual transmission at an amazing price.


Starting price: $28,140
 Although Nissan is no longer manufacturing manual transmission versions of the
, you can still shop for recent models from 2019—the last year Nissan offered a manual transmission option for its mid-size pickup. Luckily, this model is recent enough that you can still find one for brand-new, or save some cash by picking it up used.
The 3.8-liter V6 engine can deliver 310 horsepower on the optional six-speed manual transmission. It also boasts a towing capacity of 6,170 pounds. Plus, the mileage is respectable for a truck: 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.
If you’re a driver looking for a classically designed pickup truck with old-fashioned power and control, consider a Frontier. This truck will serve you well whether you’re on the road or off on a trail.
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Benefits and drawbacks of a manual transmission

It’s an age-old question: manual or automatic? Every car lover has an opinion, and everyone is convinced theirs is the right one. Here are some pros and cons for you to consider in case your mind isn’t quite made up:
  • Pro: Cheaper than automatic transmissions
  • Pro: Between
    of Americans don’t know how to drive a stick, so thieves are less likely to steal your car
  • Pro: Manual transmissions are less expensive to repair
  • Pro: More fun than an automatic
If you’re now convinced that manual transmissions are the way to go, remember that there are two sides to everything, even in the manual vs. automatic debate:
  • Con: It’s tiring to use a clutch in heavy traffic
  • Con: Manual transmissions are challenging to learn, and since so many don’t know how to drive them, there are fewer people available to teach you
  • Con: Manual transmissions
    no longer get better mileage
    than their automatic counterparts
Not to mention, it’s much harder to find a new car with a manual transmission. Only
27 car models were produced in the U.S
with manual transmissions in 2021.
Key Takeaway It can be harder to find and drive a car with a manual transmission, but they are cheaper to repair and can be more fun to drive.
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The decision between manual and automatic transmissions depends on the circumstances and the driver. The benefits of a manual transmission are lower starting prices and lower repair costs—plus, you’ll have a lot of fun on the road.
Manual transmissions last a long time when cared for properly. The gearbox is easier to work on and has fewer parts that can break—plus, Nissans are already reliable cars. Combine the two, and you might forget car repairs are even a thing!
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