Is Driving Barefoot Illegal in Georgia?

It’s legal to drive barefoot in Georgia, but if you get into an accident with improper footwear, you could be subject to some hefty fines.
Written by Andrea Barrett
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jun 01, 2022
Although riding a motorcycle without shoes could land you a hefty fine in
, driving a car barefoot isn’t illegal. That said, driving with improper footwear (or no footwear at all) could pose major safety risks for the driver. 
When your feet have been cramped inside your shoes all day, nothing feels more liberating than kicking them off the second you get behind the wheel. While most people don’t condone driving barefoot because there’s a big myth about the legality of it, chances are they’ve never tried it—and they aren’t aware of the laws! 
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Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Georgia?

No! If you want to feel the wind between your toes, it’s perfectly legal to drive barefoot in Georgia
Contrary to what most people believe, driving barefoot is legal in all states and Washington D.C. The idea that driving barefoot is illegal is an urban legend popularized in the 90s by a man named Jason Heimbaugh. He wrote a note to every state’s DMV asking if it was legal to drive barefoot, and although it took some time for a response, the answers were a resounding yes!
That said, many states consider driving barefoot an unsafe practice—Georgia included. Driving barefoot down the Georgia roads could open you up to liability. If you get into a car accident sans shoes, you may be liable for a reckless driving charge if authorities determine that the accident was a result of driving barefoot
On top of that, driving barefoot in Georgia can also expose you to civil litigation. If a court finds you negligent for driving without proper footwear in specific scenarios and the negligence resulted in injury to another person, you could be found liable and be required to pay compensation to the victim.

Is it safe to drive barefoot?

While losing the shoes behind the wheel isn’t illegal in any U.S. state, it’s generally not recommended and is regarded as an unsafe practice.
Despite it being a myth, there is some truth to it. That’s because barefoot driving can interfere with your ability to control your vehicle. Here are some things you should consider before driving barefoot:
  • Driving barefoot increases the risk of your feet sliding off the pedals, especially if they’re wet
  • Being barefoot could reduce the amount of braking force you apply
  • If you get in an accident driving barefoot, you could be cited with additional charges
  • Barefoot driving leaves you open to additional risk of injury and may impair your ability to move quickly to a safe place
However, driving wearing certain popular shoe styles may be more dangerous than driving barefoot. Flip flops, open-heeled sandals, shoes with long laces, or high heels can also pose a major danger to drivers because they are more likely to get stuck under the pedals. 
If you want to stay safe on the roads in Georgia, it’s best to wear flat, close-toed shoes that allow for optimal control and grip while driving.
Key Takeaway Driving barefoot isn’t illegal and may actually be safer than wearing heels or flip-flops. To keep yourself safe, it’s recommended to wear a flat, closed-toe shoe with good traction. 

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