How To Build a Custom Tesla Model Y

Customization options are still a little bit limited for your Tesla Model Y.
Written by Zachary Morgan
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Perhaps because of their newness, one thing Tesla Model Y noticeably lacks is a good range of customization options, either at the dealership or in the aftermarket.
Teslas have exploded in popularity over the last few years as more and more drivers look for a modern, convenient alternative to the combustion engine. Their sleek styling and state-of-the-art technology appeal to drivers who want something a little flashier than a
, and their fully-electric capabilities entice anyone who is tired of paying for gasoline (i.e. most of us). 
If you’re thinking about customizing a Tesla Model Y, we've assembled this guide to help you navigate the process.
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2022 Tesla Model Y customization options

Intrepid newcomers to the auto market, the Tesla Y and its smaller siblings represent the cutting edge of modern car technology. Their futuristic appearance and powerful performance have quickly made them status symbols on the road. Odds are, when a Tesla passes you on the highway, you take notice. 
But what can you do to personalize them? Not that much, as it turns out. The 2022 Tesla Model Y is only available in two trim levels: the Long Range ($60,200) and Performance ($65,200) models. 
The Performance makes the Model Y a bit sportier, adding a lowered suspension, performance brakes, and 21-inch wheels. It has a range of 303 miles
Conversely, the Long Range was originally offered as an upgrade to the Standard trim (not available in 2022) and includes the famous array of Tesla amenities. It has a range of 330 miles and is equipped with dual motors, all-wheel drive, a 15-inch touchscreen, and 19-inch wheels, just to name a few things.
recommends the Long Range model over the Performance, citing its smoother ride and increased battery life.

Tesla Model Y optional packages

Tesla does not offer a huge array of dealership add-ons for your Model Y, and what they do offer will cost you a pretty penny.
Tesla’s signature upgrade for their vehicles is Full-Self Driving Capability, at a hefty cost of $12,000. Keep in mind that this will not make your Tesla completely autonomous and driver supervision is still required. However, it does give your car the ability to park itself, navigate on autopilot, and change lanes automatically, among other features. 
Tesla plans to continually upgrade and update their self-driving software, so your Model Y could be capable of even more in the near future.
Another major add-on available for the Model Y is the Seating Upgrade at a cost of $3,000. The stock Model Y seats five, but choosing this upgrade gets you a third row of seating that can fit two additional people. It also includes USB-C charging ports within the third row.
Finally, you can have a trailer hitch installed on your Model Y for $1,000.

The best Tesla Model Y mods

Thanks to their newness and complex design, Teslas don’t have much when it comes to aftermarket mods and upgrades. Technically, only certified personnel are able to work on or fix Teslas, so you can’t install upgrades on your Model Y like you could with other vehicles. 
Otherwise, there are really only two major options if you want to buy something on the aftermarket: accessories and a charging station.

Charging station

Tesla’s network of superchargers is already expansive and growing every week, but many drivers like to have the ability to charge their Model Y right in their driveway. To that end, Tesla offers several
home charging
options. Installation requires contacting an electrician and typically costs somewhere between $750 to $1,500
This is a convenient and money-saving option for Tesla drivers because you can keep skipping the gas station by charging overnight to take advantage of lower utility costs during off-peak hours.


If you want to personalize your Model Y, accessories will likely be your best bet. There is a world of options to choose from, ranging from all-weather floor mats to protective pet covers and steering wheel wraps. For a more comprehensive list of Tesla accessories, click
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